Clinton, Omar, the Squad and Democrats Are Ushering In a United Nations Occupation of the United States

Saturday, August 31, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Saturday, August 31, 2019

I miss the late Josh Coy and think about him often. He was exactly what the Truth Movement needed. He was young, bright, funny and very knowledgeable and passionate about fighting back against the extreme Leftist, Deep State that is in the process of overthrowing our government and destroying our culture. The Truth movement lacks a number of quality young people. This fact alone highlights why Josh is missed so much as we need quality young adults to step up and lead the charge against this tyranny.

Before Josh’s passing, we did a landmark interview on the resurgence of FEMA camps that had taken place near the end of the Obama administration. The obvious presumption was that Hillary would be elected and she would carry out her pre-designed reign of terror. In fact, Hillary even joked about carrying out the FEMA camp objective in the 2016 campaign. When she was being assailed for her criminal behavior, she replied “..people need to relax and go to a fun camp..” Nearly everyone new exactly what the mistress of corruption, death and destruction meant by the comment.

Now that another election is on the horizon, we are forced to look back to the Hillary 2016 campaign as she left strong clues about what was coming to America if she was elected. It has been my contention for 2 years, that Hillary will jump into this race and run. Right now, Trump is self-destructing. His support of Red Flag Laws is the final straw for many conservative Americans. The Wall has not been built and Mexico certainly did not pay for it. Big tech is destroying the 1st Amendment. Criminals walk free and Trump has never drained the swamp. Not one of these criminals has gone to prison. But even with Trump’s betrayal of his base, the Democrats are not likely to be able to defeat Trump in 2020, even with massive voter fraud, unless Hillary jumps into the 2020 campaign. She would be a serious threat, given Trump’s betrayed base. As stated, in 2016, Hillary promised FEMA camps for all, “fun camps” she called them.

Why is this important? Because the 2020 election gives the extreme communist-leaning Left the opportunity to, once again, seize the reigns of power. Starting with Hillary’s outrageous 2016 comments, a chronology will be built which will expose where the Left intends to go.

Josh Coy Reveals the Existence of a Massive “Fun Camp”

Now, to the Josh Coy interview regarding the existence of a behemoth FEMA Camp facility in the remote regions of Alaska. This is the interview that the NSA went to great lengths to block. The interview was cut off and Josh Coy (former WYDE FM host) and I were not able to reconnect. During the course of the interview there was incessant tapping and heavy breathing. That did not come from us. At the end I was cut off in mid-sentence.This was reminiscent when I was about to be the first to interview Ammon Bundy and we were totally cut off and the network, with two independent satellites went down as well. However, there was enough meat here that this interview should be listened to because we are getting close to the unfolding of mass roundups of Christian conservatives. Despite the obvious Deep State interference in this interview with the late Josh Coy, this material is pertinent for the public to understand the gravity of threat intended to be unleashed on conservative America. Antifa is only a warm-up act. If we allow the UN to ever gain a military foothold in this country, this is our futrue.

The UN Will Be the Facilitating Agent of American Subjugation

The following information has already been extensively reviewed on this site. If the reader is unfamiliar with any of the following information, simple go to the site’s search engine and put in the key terms. The documentation for the following material is overwhelming.

With the help of two Border Patrol agents and one fearless DEA agent, I exposed the 2014 presence of the UN on the border as the last contrived Central American immigration was unleashed against America. The UN was embedded as “observers” in illegal immigrant’s holding facilities. They oversaw the purposeful release of MS-13 and ISIS into the dark American night after being apprehended.

On this site, I published numerous photos of UN military equipment that has been facilitated.This is called pre-positioning for later action. The most stunning revelation was the facility in Hagerstown, MD., in which rows and rows of UN military assault vehicles were being stored on American soil.

In April of 2019, I documented, on several occasions that the United Nations was in charge of training the new Mexican National Guard (MNG). This information was printed in the MSM and is archived on this site.

On more than three dozen occasions, I have mentioned the Kigali Principles which originates in the United Nations. Obama and Kerry signed the Kigali Principles just before leaving office. This complements another UN agreement inked by Obama which was the UN Small Arms Treaty which allowed a multi-national force from the UN to confiscate gun and resist or kill resisters.

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