Conservatives Are Being Targeted By A Complex 4th Gen Warfare Campaign

Wednesday, August 28, 2019
By Paul Martin

Brandon Smith
Wednesday, 28 August 2019

The reason why con games are often so effective is because victims of a con tend to believe themselves “far too smart” to ever fall for such schemes. A con game uses people’s intelligence (or assumption of intelligence) against them. Even after they find out they have been lied to and tricked, these same people sometimes never report the crime; their egos simply won’t allow them to admit they were played, and the conman escapes without fear of punishment.

Another powerful element of a con game is that it almost always offers people something they desperately want. An effective grifter or conman will identify the target’s weak point; the thing they desire more than anything else, and then uses the false promise of that thing to get the mark to trade a treasure that is legitimately valuable. The conman finds something the victim wants so badly the person would be willing to ignore all facts and logic just for the chance of obtaining it. The victim does half the conman’s work for him.

I mention the concept of con games because this is the best way of describing what 4th Generation Warfare is. Many people wrongly assume that 4th Gen warfare is merely the use of false flag attacks or propaganda. That’s not quite accurate. The goal of an enemy using 4th Gen warfare is to take a target group or population and then con them into DESTROYING THEMSELVES so that the enemy doesn’t have to go through the messy and perhaps very dangerous process of fighting that population directly.

The tactic is not just about “divide and conquer”; that’s only one small part of 4th Gen. It’s not only about causing internal strife or civil wars. It’s also about tricking a group into tarnishing their own public image, tricking them into taking hypocritical actions, tricking them into abandoning their defining principles, and tricking them into following leadership that is owned and controlled so he/she can lead them to ruin.

As a reference point, I recommend studying a military paper called ‘From Psyop To MindWar’ written by General Paul Vallely and Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino (a self professed satanist). This will help people to understand the devious depths that the elites will sink to in order to influence a population into self destruction or self enslavement. Hilariously, Aquino’s attempt to mitigate the public reaction to MindWar once it was exposed was to argue essentially that mind control of a population and the corruption of how they gather information was a much better strategy than open warfare and subjugation because then no one would be killed and the public would be blissfully ignorant of their loss of freedom. Yes, the satanists are so benevolent and soft hearted that way…

The global elites, a group of people with extensive influence in politics, the banking sector and the corporate underbelly, are hellbent on creating a single world economic system, a single world currency and a one world government. The most important goal of the globalist agenda is that they not only want a one world system (a “new world order”), but they want the population to eventually ACCEPT that system as necessary. The globalists ideal scenario is tricking the majority of people into asking for total centralization; they prefer not to enter into open warfare with the public if they can avoid it, probably because they know they would lose.

They use 4th Gen warfare on a regular basis to pursue these goals and target almost every group of people in one way or another. That said, they surely realize that there are some groups that are never going to go along with global centralization and that those groups will inevitably resist. Aquino’s delusional fantasy of a bloodless coup against the population ignores history – rebellion by groups of aware individuals is assured. These are the groups that the globalists will try to eliminate, first by undermining their public image and making them into monsters in the eyes of the rest of the world, then through combat if necessary.

Liberty minded conservatives (as opposed to statists that call themselves Republicans) and sovereignty activists represent the largest single threat on Earth to the globalist agenda. In the US, they have the resources and enough social influence to mount a resistance, and using proper asymmetric tactics, they could even remove globalists from power once and for all. And while conservatives might be viewed as the hardest target for a 4th Gen con game, in some ways they are unfortunately very easy to attack.

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