This Is What They Won’t Tell Us: ‘Red Flag Laws’ Will Be ‘Weaponized’ For Political Purposes While Any Mass Gun Confiscation In America Would Lead To Dictatorship

Wednesday, August 21, 2019
By Paul Martin

– Authoritarians Have Always Understood That ‘Gun Control’ Is ‘Political Control’

By John C. Velisek, US Navy, Retired
August 20, 2019

Authoritarians have always understood that gun control is political control, and know that they cannot be free of fear without making an effort to disarm the civilian population. Without the disarmament of patriotic Americans by whatever means necessary, they will not be able to force the agenda they need to force socialism on the America people.

They do understand that forced confiscation will not work although they use that as a last resort. They seem to think that the military, law enforcement, and government brownshirts will back them up. Most military, local law enforcement and even a vast majority of federal law enforcement are pro-gun. The reality is that any effort to force American patriots to give up the firearms that have will result in a bloody civil war with many deaths on both sides.

The language that the progressive leftists, body guarded celebrities, and academia use are nothing more than words that are meant to produce fear. Ignorant people are fed propaganda that guns are dangerous and look dangerous. I have yet to hear what an “assault weapon” is. There is no definition because it is a term used by anti-gun activists to make people fear guns.

All the descriptions that I hear for the term are based on appearance or function. Assault weapons is a term with no correct definition, and it is not meant to. Already some anti-gun activists are pushing for the complete confiscation of all semi-automatic weapons without explaining that almost 95% percent of all weapons in the country are semi-automatic. If you pull the trigger once and it fires once, that is semi-automatic. Low information voters fail to understand that the covers the vast array of rifles and pistols in the country.

Red Flag Laws, the newest idea to confiscate the firearms of American patriots, will be based on the information gathered by neighbors, ex-girlfriends, member of your family that may disagree with you politically. There is no due process in the red flag laws that are being implemented in many of the states at present. Federal grants to assist in these red flag laws will be nothing more than an incentive to confiscate guns for the very least of reasons. The slippery slope of the red flag laws long wanted by the progressive socialist will eventually lead to confiscation for parking tickets, DUI’s, or any other reason they can fit in the narrative.

Universal background checks in the past have been a failure. Progressive socialist talk of gun shows and private sales, but ignore that many states do not report criminal convictions to the FBI, the department in charge of making the NICS system work. What the leftists want is to use the NICS as an expansion that they can later use for a federal registry of all guns.

The progressive socialists have talked of implementing a licensing authority that will do nothing but make more money for the state. The information comes from the same NICS that is a failure now, so why would the result be any better? Even the ultra-liberal news outlet VOX has stated “A growing body of research suggests that comprehensive background checks won’t do much, if anything, to combat gun violence in America.”

The Violence Prevention Research Program at UC Davis and the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have looked at the impact of California gun control laws and have found they have no effect. The anti-gun activists won’t tell you this. They are hoping that the American people can be scared into following the edicts they propose to place on the American gun owner.

Mental illness is also being looked at as a way to curtail mass shootings. Being based on subjective criteria, many psychiatrists squabble over what the diagnoses may be. What was abnormal a few years ago may now be considered normal, as we see in many areas of our society.

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