Mobile devices rewire your brain, turning you into a reward addict who craves more food

Sunday, August 18, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Lance D Johnson
Saturday, August 17, 2019

There’s a new risk factor for obesity and it doesn’t involve dieting, genetics, food consumption, hormone disrupters, or inactivity. The newest risk factor for obesity is of psychological origin and it all starts with the way we use electronics and social media.

Scientists now warn about “media multitasking.” Not only does excessive electronic use lead to physical inactivity, but switching in-between digital media throughout the day also impairs your self control. Excessive use of electronics rewires the brain to favor reward over self control. This psychological addiction to electronic stimulation influences the way you eat and interact with people.

Digital addiction rewires the brain to seek reward over self control, affecting food consumption habits

Constantly checking social media throughout the day addicts the brain to short bursts of dopamine. Caught up in this pattern, the brain begins to seek short bursts of pleasure from anything in life, including sugary sweets. In America there is no shortage of sugary sweets and fast foods, so it’s easy for the brain to give in to this pattern. The taste buds are an easy way to keep short bursts of dopamine pulsating to the brain. (Related: Junk food is a moment on the lips, but a lifetime of risk for the arteries.)

Moreover, those who lead hectic digital-intensive lives also spend more time in restaurants and fast food joints, consuming excess calories, hydrogenated oils, and food chemicals that wreak havoc on metabolism. Not to mention, these same people spend more time subconsciously consuming sponsored ads on their social media feed. These targeted ads subconsciously beckon the brain to eat more junk food and spend more at fast food restaurants. People are being manipulated on a massive scale through news feeds, promotional emails, and targeted advertising to consume more.

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