Mass Shootings: Hegel’s Dialectics In Action

Friday, August 16, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Servando Gonzalez
August 16th, 2019

“Armas, para qué?” (Arms, What for?) Fidel Castro’s 1959 speech to justify imposing strict gun control laws upon the Cuban people.

Just a few minutes after the mass shooting at a mall in El Paso, Texas — until that moment “the safest city in the U.S.”— a friend called to tell me that I have been prescient. He reminded me of a conversation we had just after the shooting in Gilroy, California, in which I told him more similar incidents were going to happen.

Do I have a crystal ball where I van see the future? Of course not.

What I do have, though, is a collection of books written by authors who, more than sixty years ago, wrote about what was coming to America.[1] As expected, at the time all of them were considered conspiracy theorists and kooks by “serious” critics and the mainstream press.

Thanks to reading those truly prescient books, I knew that the approaching new wave of mass shootings was just the implementation of Hegel’s[2] theory of dialectics: Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis. Applied to mass brainwashing about gun control, it works this way:

The globalist conspirators see an armed citizenship as a big obstacle to their plans to enslave the American people and turning them into medieval serfs in a society they disingenuously call the New World Order. That’s the Thesis.

So, in order to brainwash us into voluntarily accepting being deprived of guns for self-defense, both against criminals and the agents of the New World Order, they artificially create a big, horrible problem. In this particular case it is mass shootings, that they blame on guns in the hands of lawful citizens, and they use the mainstream press which under their control to scare the people about the problem. That’s the Antithesis.

Then, to stop the carnage they have created, they offer a solution to the problem: gun control as a first step to fully disarm Americans. It is a solution that, without the shootings and the fear nobody would have previously accepted, but now seems the lesser of two evils. That’s the Synthesis.

Evidence that the shootings are artificially created is the fact that most of them show a sort of pre-arranged pattern, similar to a script for a Netflix series:

1.The shooter is described as a deranged, solitary individual without a previous record of violence.
2.Soon after the shooting, it is found that he is linked, directly or indirectly, to a right wing extremist group
3.Later it is revealed that he had been taking some type of psychotropic prescription drugs.
4.A few weeks later it is also revealed that he had been monitored for several months by the police or the FBI, but they never took action against him and eventually lost interest and stopped monitoring him.
5.In most cases, witnesses either doubt that the individual in custody was the real shooter or that there was a single shooter, but the authorities deny it and fail to clarify the veracity of the claims.
6.Those allegedly crazy individuals always carry out the shootings in schools, nightclubs, government offices and public places where there are strict gun control laws in place. They never attack a police station. Why? Well, they may be crazy, but they are not stupid. They know that in a police station everybody is carrying a gun, and nobody can carry out a mass shooting in a place where everybody is carrying a gun.[3]

So, the most elementary logic indicates that, instead a passing laws restricting gun possession, the best way to stop mass shootings is by passing laws making it mandatory for citizens with no criminal record to carry guns, both concealed and openly, for self-defense at all times. Of course, if your secret plan is to enslave the American people you will not like this logical solution.

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