Is There A Hidden Political Agenda? The Mainstream Media Is Suddenly Full Of Stories About The Coming Recession

Friday, August 16, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Michael Snyder
August 15, 2019

All of a sudden, it seems like the mainstream media just can’t stop talking about “the coming recession”. If you go to Google News and type in the word “recession”, you will literally get dozens of articles from the last couple of days with “recession” in the headline. And of course it is true that there are signs of global economic trouble all around us, and I have been documenting them on my website all throughout 2019. So we don’t want to criticize the mainstream media when they actually decide to tell the truth, because a recession is definitely coming, but could it be possible that there is also a hidden political agenda at work? The economy is generally regarded to be one of the bright spots for President Trump, and political operatives on the left clearly understand that a major economic downturn now would spell almost certain doom for Trump’s chances of winning the 2020 election. And when mainstream reporters talk about the possibility of a recession as we approach the next election, many of them almost seem gleeful as they describe how it could hurt Trump politically. Ultimately, when things start to really get bad it is inevitable that the mainstream media will place the blame directly at the feet of Trump. It is easy to imagine a narrative along the lines of “Trump’s handling of the economy has plunged the nation into a recession” being relentlessly pounded into the heads of American voters over the next year. And if the end result is Trump being voted out of office, more than 90 percent of those that work for the big news companies will be just fine with that.

This week, we have seen an absolute explosion in the number of stories about the possibility of an imminent recession. The following are just a few of the stories I came across while doing research earlier today…

–A global recession may be coming a lot sooner than anyone thought

–Recession watch: 6 financial moves to make when the economy slows down

–Trump 2020 can’t afford a recession

–The recession question we should be asking isn’t ‘when’ but ‘how bad?’

–Recession fears explained in one simple sentence

–Recession ahead? Dow, stocks tank on fears that bond market signals a downturn

–Recession indicator with perfect track record flashing red

–Recession signs are flashing, but Americans are still shopping at Walmart

–Worried about a recession? Don’t panic, but be prepared

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