ANALYSIS BUFFET: 25 urgent things you need to know about spygate, Epstein, China, financial collapse, mass shootings and civil war…(A Must Read!)

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Tuesday, August 13, 2019

You’ve just been seated at the analysis buffet. Grab a fork and dig in…

Things you need to know about the coming indictment and arrest of deep state traitors who ran the spygate conspiracy:

In truly bombshell news, the CEO of has gone public, stating that he has all the answers about the Russia collusion conspiracy hoax. To the shock of listeners everywhere, he actually said, “That’s about to happen and I think we’re about to see the biggest scandal in American history as a result. But it was all political. Everything you think you know about Russia and Clinton investigations is a lie. It’s all a cover-up. It was all political espionage…”
The spygate hoax is going to implode this year, likely in late November. Expect to see criminal indictments handed down for James Comey and John Brennan, the two masterminds behind the attempted political coup against a sitting U.S. president. Dan Bongino, Sean Hannity, Sara Carter and John Solomon all deserve Pulitzers for their determined journalism to uncover the truth. The Epoch Times has also done outstanding reporting on all this.
Once Comey and Brennan are indicted — along with others — there will be efforts to turn them against Obama and Clinton. Obama was the deep state mastermind behind it all, and he will likely flee the country (see below) rather than face indictment himself.
Between now and then, the deranged, lawless Left is going to run every false flag mass shooting operation they have in the works, including unleashing MKultra subjects onto various soft targets (i.e. crowds of people in gun free zones). Antifa is being ordered to ramp up its domestic terrorism operations at the same time, with the goal to be igniting a civil war that causes mass chaos before William Barr can secure the arrests of deep state traitors. The complicit media will brazenly lie about every shooting in order to blame Trump, regardless of the actual origins of the violence.
Watch for CNN to be closed down after the full truth of the spygate fiasco comes to light. CNN will then have zero credibility, after having played such an active role in promoting the delusional hoax. The NYT and Washington Post also pushed the hoax, but they will likely survive.

What you need to know about China and tariffs:

China is on the verge of political collapse. The only thing propping up the communist regime has been the strong economic growth of the last 25 years. That economic growth has been ruptured by Trump’s tariffs, which are a stroke of political and tactical genius.
Now, factories are fleeing China and moving to Taiwan, Vietnam and Mexico, causing the industrial base to be gutted and leading to a loss of faith in the communist leaders. All across China, dissent is growing, and it may explode everywhere if China overplays its hand in dealing with the protesters in Hong Kong. But China can’t help itself, since it’s run by authoritarian communists, and all authoritarian communists desperately want to murder anyone who threatens their power. So watch for Hong Kong to be the spark that leads to nationwide civil unrest across China. With the help of Trump’s tariffs, we could be witnessing the beginning of the toppling of Red China’s evil empire.
Note that any military attack by China on the people of Hong Kong will unleash huge uncertainty in the global markets, perhaps sparking a major correction or crash. If you are still holding common stocks at the peak of this bubble, you don’t understand bubbles at all.

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