MIND BLOWING: Did the Deep State CIA “pull the strings” and help orchestrate the El Paso massacre?

Sunday, August 11, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: S.D. Wells
Sunday, August 11, 2019

The lone-wolf-white-nationalist domestic terrorist narrative about the El Paso shooter is about to get blown out of the water, right here and right now. First off, Patrick Crusius, the alleged mass shooter at the Walmart in El Paso recently, has a very interesting and outspoken father. You see, Patrick’s father is a licensed therapist and psychiatrist who creates YouTube videos regularly about dealing with childhood traumas, mental health issues and applicable therapies. Get ready, because this runs deep.

This YouTuber guy, Brian Crusius, who is Patrick Crusius’ dad, is also a religious fanatic (check out the creepy demonic star featured prominently in the background in his videos). It gets better. The El Paso shooter’s dad brags on video that he was trained by people (who were also trained by people) who were trained by “John of God.” Who’s John of God, you ask? He’s that child trafficker (the Brazilian baby farmer and mass rapist) who was arrested for kidnapping babies and girls and keeping them hostage at his religious compound for 10 to 15 years, raping them repeatedly, impregnating them, and then selling the new babies on the black market. Over the years, he made millions of dollars.

Once the women were no longer useful for child bearing, John of God would simply kill them off (Oprah Winfrey also promoted this serial killing religious lunatic on her show, and he was a spiritual advisor to the Clintons).

Yes, this is who the El Paso mass shooter’s dad brags about learning his therapies from. Seriously. It gets even crazier. Brian Crusius, the El Paso shooter’s dad, also happens to be a former director of a psychiatric facility for children in Texas.

CIA’s MK-Ultra experiment behind assassination program used for the Batman Theater mass shooting and El Paso Walmart?

The Timberlawn Psychatric Facility for Children, where Brian Crusius, father of Patrick Crusius, was once the medical director, was shut down by the U.S. Government due to… wait for it… reports of rape, abuse and kidnapping. The narrative plastered across all of mass media about Patrick Crusius being a “white nationalist” is a massive lie, and the manifesto he supposedly wrote is just another fake “dossier” – like chum for the sharks to feed upon.

Here’s the tell-tale connection between the El Paso staged shooting event (that killed real people) and the CIA. A man named Sidney Gottlieb, an American chemist, was involved with the CIA’s mind control program (a.k.a. Project MKUltra). He’s dead now, but when he was alive, he was a cohort of Colin A. Ross, a mental health “expert” who also worked at Timberlawn Mental Health Facility with, yes, Brian Crusius, the father of alleged El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius.

If you’re not familiar, MKUltra is a mind-control program where the CIA uses stooges and patsies to commit acts of terror by first abusing their minds with drugs, intense videos, shock treatment, isolation, and chemicals that erase and erode their memories (short and long term). This helps with pulling off staged mass shooting events where the perpetrator barely knows what’s happening, and is seldomly (if ever) the “lone shooter” with any real motive.

In fact, the shooter doesn’t even know if the mass killing was real or not, or if he did it, or if it’s just a video from the mind control facility that he watched a thousand times while high on LSD and SSRIs.

Patrick Crusius is the perfect candidate for mind-control program MKUltra run by his father and the CIA

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