The Early Stages of Civil War Activities Have Commenced with the Infiltration of Law Enforcement by the Cartels With Support From the Democrats

Saturday, August 10, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Saturday, August 10, 2019

n a classic revolutionary tactic, legitimate law enforcement and the political opposition to the Left is being attacked from within and from without.

Many do not realize it yet, but America is in full civil war mode. In NYC officers are being doused with water. In Times Square, officers were attacked when they were attempting an arrest and NYC mayor De Blasio laughs about the events. Around the country, officers are increasingly being assaulted. Before a revolution can succeed, legitimate law enforcement must be neutralized.

Even the Border Patrol is having issues. Two days ago, cartel members shot 50 rounds of ammunition at BP agents as they were patrolling the Rio Grande in a boat. The Democrats are cheering this lawlessness on. Even Joe Biden is calling for the complete evisceration of our borders. Several Democrats are actively interfering with lawful ICE activities. This is sedition and treason.

It is not just law enforcement, that is under attack even America’s elected leaders are being threatened Rand Paul went back to the surgery for the bearing he suffered at the hands of his neighbor. Mitch McConnell is being threated with being stabbed to death in 24/7 marches on his home. And when McConnell’s people took videos and posted them on Twitter, their accounts were suspended. Yet, Twitter did not nothing to the gangsters assailing McConnell.

Three months ago, I was in regular communication with a DEA agent. This agent related to me that some of his colleagues were frustrated by the lack of cooperation from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department with regard to tracking drug cartels and he wanted me to know that the lawlessness had spread to Los Angeles.

Specifically, the DEA agent was responding to a series of articles and interviews I conducted with the assistance of Marilyn Rupar in relation to the massive corruption in the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department and their country legal system. The agent was interested in Alexandra Daley revelations about Kamala Harris, who was also interested in the shenanigans of Kamala Harris with regard to the coverup of drug dealing by the Sinaloa cartel in Alameda County, as then District Attorney Harris refused to prosecute both the cartel drug crimes and the affiliated child-sex-trafficking.

This lawlessness spread to the Governor’s office. The California Governor, in an effort to protect Kamala Harris’ run for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency, has sealed all of these arrest and prosecution records associated with Kamala Harris after Tulsi Gabbard brought up these issues in public. I recently published a broadcast to this effect. In a highly censored broadcast, I detailed the obscuring of Harris record as a prosecutor and who she was beholding to.

Now, Marilyn Rupar has more evidence that supports what the DEA agent was saying about the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department who have been totally infiltrated by the cartels.

Recently, Marilyn sent me the following communication:

“This story is an FYI from 6 weeks June 28, 2019. It confirms our belief that the cartels are running major cities/ police stations through the Mexican gangs.
Their operation is identical to the police corruption in Mexico…There is no doubt drug running nd human trafficking operations are part of the cartel cover and financial payoffs..
In the video a deputy says a good part of the sheriff deputies in the East LA department are Banditos gang members and control their sheriff station’s commander.
The story has gone public as attempts are being made to root out the deputy/ Banditos gang members who are embedded in this part of LA.

This group of gangsters is now a subset of the Chinese-controlled Sinaloa cartel as they have been absorbed. The drug cartels cartels first set up their operations in East LA with the Hispanic gangs. The Mexican gangs started in the late 1950’s as a protection against the Black gangs who then ruled East LA. Then in a classic CIA operation. In the 1980’s the CIA furthered the conflict between Bloods and the Crips over the distribution of cocaine supplied by the CIA as a result of the illegal Air America operations conducted in association with what became known as the Iran Contra Affair. The CIA, working on behalf of the globalists created another side of this group we call the Bandidos, who were later absorbed by the Sinaloa cartel. This is the group that Kamala Harris refused to touch as as if the case with nearly all Bay Area politicians.

Now these groups have taken over and infiltrated the East Los Angeles division of the Sheriff’s department.

The CSS is looking for Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies who are willing to tell their story about how many of their fellow law enforcement brothers are in bed with the cartels. One such Deputy has told his story about how his law enforcement agency has been infiltrated. The story strongly reminds me of what has happened in Humboldt County and in Chinatown in a plethora of stories that the CSS has covered with information passed along by Paul Preston, Chris Kitze, Alexandra Daley and Marilyn Rupar.

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