Google obeys MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, urgently alters YouTube search results to divert people away from learning the truth about the Federal Reserve

Saturday, August 10, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Lance D Johnson
Saturday, August 10, 2019

A very influential MSNBC news anchor named Chris Hayes convinced YouTube to censor videos that explain how the Federal Reserve really works. News manipulator Chris Hayes took to Twitter to complain about YouTube search results last September after he typed in “Federal Reserve” into the search query. Hayes doesn’t like the search results, which contain popular videos that question the Federal Reserve monetary system.

In a series of Tweets, Hayes complained about his search results. “My favorite example of how informationally toxic YouTube’s algorithm is this…Imagine you’re a high school freshman and got a school assignment about the Federal Reserve.” — Chris Hayes (@chrislhayes) September 6, 2018.

“You watch videos on YouTube all the time, so you go home and put ‘Federal Reserve’ into YouTube’s search bar,” he complained, singling out a video titled, “Century of Enslavement.” The video explains how the establishment of a fiat currency and the fed’s manipulative monetary policies have harmed the value of the dollar over the past century.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes convinces YouTube to adjust its algorithms to blacklist informational content on the Federal Reserve

Hayes also complained about videos published by the John Birch Society, an organization that teaches American history and the value of the U.S. Constitution in today’s society. The John Birch Society hosted White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney to speak at the National Council’s annual dinner. House Representative Thomas Massie was the keynote speaker at the organization’s 60th anniversary dinner just last year. But according to MSNBC, videos put out by the John Birch Society should not show up on YouTube because they are, as Hayes puts it, “conspirational quackery.”

These informational videos about the Federal Reserve make MSNBC’s Chris Hayes uneasy and offended, because he is a weak, manipulative man who prefers that his political and ideological opposition be silenced and blacklisted, rather than speak openly in a free market of ideas. If he doesn’t like the videos he sees, Hayes should just scroll down and find a video that suits his bias. He could have very easily scrolled down to view the New York Times video praising the Federal Reserve or clicked on neutral videos explaining how economics work in the U.S.

Instead, Hayes successfully convinced YouTube to manipulate their algorithms to censor these important videos about the Federal Reserve. Hayes works in a liberal echo chamber called MSNBC and therefore has a limited understanding of history and has tunnel vision on how the world really works. Apparently he wants to dictate what people see first on YouTube, because questioning authority and learning more about history is not permitted by those who seek mass compliance to their “official stories.”

The worst part is that YouTube obeyed Chris Hayes. According to sources within Google reporting to Breitbart News, Google has already “blacklisted” “controversial” YouTube search queries about the Federal Reserve. The algorithm is re-ranking search results about the Federal Reserve to favor videos that are approved by mainstream media sources.

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