17 Things You Can Count On When The UN Is Brought In to Quell Racial Unrest Resulting From False Flag Attacks

Wednesday, August 7, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, August 7, 2019

About a week ago, I received this email which asks a very timely question, what are the Kigali Principlas?

“Dear Dave,

I visit your site every morning and I want to thank you for what you do. You have mentioned something quite frequently called the kigali principle and how they will be used to take away our country. Can you tell us more?



I have warned the country for years that a UN invasion of the United States will take place. From Paul Martin’s sources to Paul Preston sources to mine, it is clear that the intentional assigning of racial motives for the wave of mass shootings is intentional. Race, as this article will demonstrate, will be the excuse the UN, under the Kigali Principles to take over America. Please let me be clear, this is a coup followed by an invasion. Many of my colleagues are getting reports from their sources that there will be more and more mass killings and race will be blamed. In fact, a senior federal law enforcement agent has personally told me that it will not be long until an Oklahoma City, 9/11 event is in our near future. And when that happens, foreign troops under the Kigali Principles (UN) will enter our country in force. The will be a combination of Chinese, Russians and paramilitary trained cartel and terrorists from the training camps in El Salvador.

You can expect the Mexican National Guard to cross the border as well. Remember, on April 9th, I referred to a MSM report that the UN had trained the Mexican National Guard to be ready to deploy for humanitarian reasons. Of course, the false flag attacks, like the one in El Paso, and like the ones that are yet to happen are designed to promote racial division just like the Smollett case tried to do before the fraud was discovered. Below is a picture of UN paratrooper practicing for an invasion of the United States. This took place 3 years ago in Pennsylvania just before Obama signed the Kigali Principles.

They (ie UN) are here to take your guns, and usher dissidents into FEMA camps for final distribution. I have written over 50 stories on the planned UN takeover that is already underway. I have repeatedly reported on the Kigali Principles which Obama signed before leaving office. Despite the fact that the documents are public, it has also been reported on in the mainstream media. America, it is a mistake to ignore these principles because they form the root of our future extermination and extinction as a nation. The following is from the Associated Press and was published this past July. It validates everything that I have been saying for the past 3 years. The UN is here and they are going to be used to subjugate the people of the United States.

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