Liberalism functions almost exactly like a cancer tumor… and YOU are America’s immune system

Wednesday, July 24, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Cancer tumors are highly destructive and eventually kill their hosts, but before achieving that end goal, they grow themselves by hijacking resources from the body through a process called angiogenesis.

This process involves building blood vessels and piping blood nutrients to the tumor, siphoning off resources that the body needs to fight cancer and stay alive. As more resources are directed to the tumor, the tumor grows in size and replicates its cancerous cells, spreading them across the body to infect more sites and eat away the host.

It recently struck me how similar this is to the process of liberalism and big government. Left-wing zealots attempt to control all resources of society while growing the size of government to control everyone and dictate what you’re allowed to do. Raising taxes and creating more regulations to expand the size of corrupt government is a lot like angiogenesis, and the more it happens, the larger the “government tumor” becomes.

Government debt spending is angiogenesis, because it grows the size of government while feeding off the productive members of society that actually produce things (the real citizens of America are like healthy cells of the body).

If not stopped, the cancer of big government eventually kills the patient and you end up in a systemic collapse, usually alongside a collapse of the fiat currency pushed by that government. Consider modern-day Venezuela if you want an example of how the festering, putrid cancer of big government very rapidly becomes a fatal, authoritarian tumor that destroys society and leads to mass human suffering and death.

In contrast, patriotism is like the immune system, and the Second Amendment is like arming white blood cells that hunt down and kill the dangerous pathogens or cancer cells that threaten the patient. (No doubt some libtard will claim the term “white blood cells” means white supremacy, which demonstrates why these nut jobs are cancerous tumors to begin with, since they hallucinate racism in absolutely everything, including basic human anatomy and physiology.)

Patriots like Trump are trying to excise the tumor of liberalism that threatens our republic. If we succeed, America will go on to live as a prosperous, free nation. If we fail, the left-wing cancer will spread across the nation, infecting and destroying everything until America as we know it ceases to exist, collapsing into a Third World s##thole like what we’re already seeing emerge across liberal-run cities such as San Franshitsco.

Radical leftism has already infected universities, Hollywood, the bureaucracy, Congress, science, medicine, media, culture and much more. This dangerous, festering cancer must be eliminated through the activation of a healthy national immune system (i.e. the real Americans who love their country and are willing to defend it against domestic enemies).

Listen to my podcast for a more detailed explanation of why America is fighting for its life against a deadly, toxic cancer tumor known as “liberalism.” And if you don’t want to see your country waste away as a cancer patient, prepare to defend America against its enemies. YOU are the immune system now. And the enemies of America who must be defeated are more evident than ever.

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