The Left’s Demonization of Conservatives Becomes Dangerous

Thursday, July 18, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Jeffrey T. Brown
July 18, 2019

There exists in this country a cultivated mindset that conservatives are all things evil. We have gradually devolved into fictional characters, invented by the left, and animated by whatever awful thoughts, beliefs, and imaginary actions the anti-American hate cult can conjure up, mostly on the basis that we still have faith, or love our country, or believe in true justice rather than socialist justice.

It’s been going on for a long time. I was a Reagan supporter as a teenager and college student, so I’ve been hearing for almost my entire life what a rotten person I obviously am. Of course, I am none of the things that are pinned on me, but it doesn’t matter. I am who they say I am, and they believe it to their cores.

It is a fascinating process, watching yourself being defined by people who actively practice what they pretend to condemn. The awful things that they project upon us don’t spring from our minds, but from theirs. Those terrible thoughts and dark motives are bred in their own warped psyches. When they spring forth, we are assured that these are what drive others but not themselves.

Their bigotry is limitless, their hatred palpable. Their distrust and loathing is out of all proportion to anything they’ve actually ever seen. We do live among them, of course. We interact with them every day. We remnants of America are polite, rational and logical. Except when we upset the cult. Then we become fictional creatures entirely.

Read almost any headline and you’ll see the methodology. For instance, Trump’s comments “drip with racism,” or are xenophobic, or misogynistic, or offensive in millions of other imagined ways. It isn’t what Trump actually says or does that matters, it is what he “means.” Trump’s motives, and ours, are provided for us countless times each day by a cadre of unhinged, hyper-emotionalized mental patients. What we want, what we think, what we mean, what we intend, are assigned to us by unwell people who hate us with their entire beings. The left, the most intolerant and hate-filled movement any of us have ever seen in this country, has rewarded itself with the exclusive right to interpret our every word and thought, and somehow they always conclude the same thing. We are evil, but they are not.

We could be accused of doing the same, except that we don’t have to. The progressive loons that have risen to prominence in the Democrat party tell us clearly what they intend, and who they mean to attack if and when they are calamitously returned to positions of power. They are expressly, gleefully coming for us, because of the hate that we don’t have, but which they say we do.

Conservatives, as traditional Americans, are not prone to irrational, emotional tirades. They’ve learned, even as the practice fades into memory among half the population, that a healthy society cannot exist without tolerance, forbearance and forgiveness, to a point. The Bill of Rights has historically informed the extent of our forbearance. But while we’ve allowed progressives and anarchists to indulge their psychoses, we may have been tolerant too long.

The left’s tactic of defining its enemies seems to have succeeded so well that it can’t be corrected by mere conversation and evidence. When every word we speak is instantly rejected on the basis of imaginary biases and prejudices we don’t have, but which are imposed upon us by those who hold them, the ability to converse is permanently smothered. It has taken generations to fracture the country, but the left’s adherents are now almost unreachable. The country consists now of those who hate virulently, and those who are accused of doing so but don’t. Perhaps that is changing, but not in a positive way. That is, rational, decent Americans are getting truly sick and tired of the asylum’s tactics, and are trying to figure out their options in the shrinking vestiges of traditional America.

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