The Psychological Reasons for America’s Defeat (Part One)

Tuesday, July 16, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, July 16, 2019

“We have met the enemy, and they are us”

This is the beginning of a multi-part series which describes the psychological process which keeps America enslaved. In this part we will be discussing Bystander Apathy as a primary contributor as to why most people in this country are simply laying down and accepting defeat despite overwhelming evidence that the globalists want you dead and they want to destroy your soul in the process.

The Short List of Reasons Which Will Lead to Mass Death In America

If a bad man breaks into your home and is choking you to death, even the most mild and meek of us will attempt to assume some type of defensive posture at minimum. Yet in America, it has been demonstrated, with documentation, about how much mortal danger Americans are in. The following events are just a small summary of the dangers that America faces.

I just completed a five part series which clearly shows that the Chinese, with the help of the United Nations, plans to exterminate as many Americans as possibles and actually colonize the former United States with millions of Chinese. The prize is our underground wealth and the natural resources that China lacks. The five part series was well received, but it should be putting Americans on the street in protest that our government is not taking decisive actions against the Chinese government.

I have written numerous articles throughout the years detailing the existence of a Red Dawn threat. I established the Chinese and Russian influence in Central and South America. I detailed the paramilitary base training camps in El Salvador and Honduras which are training a hybrid paramilitary force of soldiers comprised of drug cartels and Middle Eastern terrorists. I feel that this extensive work has fallen on deaf ears. It is sufficient reason, alone, to close our southern border with the military. Crickets chirping…. Where are the American people who should be screaming for governmental accountability. Yesterday, I conducted an interview with Sam Honnold who is a missionary living in Mexico. The interview started out as a remembrance of what Ross Perot warned America about back in 1991-2 and Sam compared Perot’s warnings with the actions and ultimate fate with that of other Latin American politicians. Same quoted my work from five years ago, without realizing what I have previously written about the Chinese inserting themselves into the driver’s seat in Central America. Sam validated everything I printed on the subject in the last 6 or 7 minutes. We ran out of time in this segment and I will have him back on to explore this topic in more depth. He sounded a lot like Kathy Rubio who I have interviewed on this topic many times. In addition, Sam revealed what I have been saying in that millions, not thousands, are crossing our border. He stated that 2.8 million of the 6 million people from El Salvador have crossed our border. This would also include MS-13 as well as many trained paramilitary soldiers from the cartels and terrorists from the Middle East. Listen to this interview, especially that last 6 or 7 minutes and you will clearly hear reasons why every American should be in the street protesting the fact that we have not shut down our border. Even if the majority of Americans cannot fathom the importance of what Sam stated in our interview, the point was not lost on Youtube as they instantly demonitized the video.

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