Big Tech platforms no longer deny they are banning conservatives but are now brazenly owning up to it and daring anyone to do something about it

Sunday, June 30, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Sunday, June 30, 2019

Earlier this month, Zero Hedge published a story that should have alarmed everyone who read it — that is, everyone who is interested in maintaining a free, open Internet and social media platforms that are designed for everyone and all views.

Citing a Wall Street Journal story, the news site noted:

Google has fired six of its largest lobbying firms in an attempt to overhaul its global government affairs and policy operations amid greater government scrutiny of its business… Over the last few months, the company has changed its roster of lobbying firms, as well as its Washington policy team, and lost two senior officials who helped build its “influence operation” into one of the largest in the nation’s capital.

Okay. So Google lobbies. Lots of big corporations do. But here’s the kicker: According to the WSJ, Google had only been spending about $20 million a year to lobby on behalf of its interests; the firms that Google let go earlier this month accounted for about half that amount.

So, bottom line: For between $10-$20 million, Google is able to control Washington bureaucrats and lawmakers to effect policies that are friendly to the company or, in this case, to ignore pressure to take a tougher line with the company for its excessive and obvious targeting of conservative, pro-Trump voices.

For a company that makes billions a year, that’s pocket change.

In fact, this kind of dominance and Congress’ unwillingness to intervene in Google’s — and the other social media platforms’ — overt silencing of Right-leaning figures, voices, and ‘politically incorrect’ companies like gun makers has empowered the tech giants to a point where they are no longer feigning fairness and denying they ban and censor.

They’re all but openly admitting it now, though by their actions you could argue they are being ‘vocal’ about it.

Case in point: Following Project Veritas’ explosive revelations this week via real undercover journalism exposing Google’s blatant anti-Trump, anti-conservative bias and the company’s efforts, through censorship and search manipulation to ‘prevent’ POTUS Trump’s 2020 reelection, YouTube — which is owned by Google — censored the organization’s video.

This censorship will only get worse
Moreover, another popular video platform, Vimeo, banned Project Veritas as well as freedom-loving, freedom-fighting Natural News, from the platform this week as well.

That’s brazen. This comes after Facebook completely deplatformed Natural News, separating the food, health, and liberty site from its 3.1 million followers, and after Project Veritas was all over the conservative, independent media following its Google expose.

“This is the worst-case scenario for conservatives. Before, we could call them liars and cheats. Now, we have to fight them on an ideological level, and while we have the truth on our side, they have the technology. They have the eyeballs. They control what people see and don’t see. And as such, they can no longer be trusted to deliver anything even remotely close to fair and balanced,” writes Michio Hasai at NOQReport.

As evidence, he cites congressional testimony this week by the tech behemoths who, in response to questions from Republicans, essentially admitted they are banning and censoring conservatives for “hate” speech — the old catchall phrase the Left always uses to justify their unconstitutional, tyrannical treatment of anyone who doesn’t agree with them 110 percent.

He’s right, of course. Big Tech execs have been denying their obvious bias against conservatives even as evidence of it has continued to surface for at least the past two years, via studies, analyses of social media analytics, and whistleblower-insiders who have spilled the beans.

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  1. Strayhorse

    The FAANGS and other Big Tech must be investigated for RICO and Civil Rights violations, as the FAANGS and Big Tech sell information and influence many times using taxpayer dollars illegally while violating their Constitutional Rights. Anti-Trust, RICO and Civil Rights violations.


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