Millions of Migrants and Paramilitary Troops Will Soon Be Here-Red Dawn Is Taking Shape

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Part one of this series established the unfolding revolution in Honduras. We discussed how and why Honduras is entering a state of civil war and this is in a country whose cities are already the most deadly in the world. Many hard-liners are not going to like this statement: If the American laws related to asylum were literally applied to Honduras, about 80% of the country would qualify for admission to our country. And as if this was not bad enough, the CIA, the UN and other covert “for-hire” mercenaries are in the country exacerbating an already volatile situation.

Like El Salvador, Honduras is home to several paramilitary training bases in which Middle East terrorists groups are trained along side of cartel members. As the CSS revealed over 5 years ago, the training consists of learning the use of automatic weapons, rpgs and a variety of light infantry equipment. As an aside, it was interesting to note that while “the wall” was still a possibility, a DHS contact told me about 4 months ago, that the wall changing designs. It was moving away from the 30 foot high structure to a wall capable of repulsing a light infantry invasion. This was before things got so out of hand at the border. In other words, Trump is expecting a “Red Dawn” action on our southern borders from soldiers trained in South American including in places like El Salvador and Honduras. All of sudden, the possibility of an invasion of the United States becomes very real. More on this will be covered at the end of this article.

Dividing Up Sides In Honduras
As we know from covert intelligence community history related to “Air America” that the CIA created street gang trafficking in LA to sell cocaine. These CIA “Pablo Escobars’” took their cut and used the money to buy arms from Iran (illegal) and gave the arms to the Contras and their fight against the communist inspired Sandanistas. We also know the Clintons’ drug operation in Arkansas got their big state in this conflict. IF one knows their Central American 1980’s, Iran-Contra Affair history, they will recognize the same plot unfolding in Honduras.

Using weapons procured from the Obama administration Fast and Furious, the CIA has managed to create several gang-style divisions in Honduras. Two of the more prominent are MS-13 (which must now be considered to be an international CIA asset) and the 18th Street Gang.

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2 Responses to “Millions of Migrants and Paramilitary Troops Will Soon Be Here-Red Dawn Is Taking Shape”

  1. Josey Wales

    Trump has 3 fronts in WWIII going and he / we better win !

    1. The deep state ( Satanists, ) organizing the invasion and occupation of 3rd world darkies – and the bs psychology of “you’re a bad person if you don’t welcome them with open arms. Keep in mind … they could’ve planned this well. They knew you’ld tell them to stop the caravans. Then when they send troops to border, you’ld think it’s for that, but it’s not ! Next they’ll send MORE troops for a well planned Red Dawn invasion !!!! Wake up Trump. And sheeple … arm up and stock up, which includes night vision, body armor and gas masks.

    2. Big tech and big pay – organized crime under RICO – attacking we the people and The Constitution. They MUSY QUICKLY be arrested and sent to Guantanamo.

    3. Enemies within. Bolton and Kushner come to mind. FIRE all the enemies within around you Trump … and pray hourly.

  2. White Scooter Trash

    There are way more illegally owned fully automatic weapons in the hands of American citizens than registered hand guns. When all this unravels and it will there will be communists hanging from every tree branch and lamp post. We the patriots are united and patriots are unstoppable. It is time to give back respect to our founding fathers and bring on liberty like 1776. They will take as much as you give up. Draw the line.


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