Reasons Behind the Border Invasion and War with Venezuela Serve the Same People and Purpose

Monday, June 17, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, June 17, 2019

Americans have been told that they under an invasion through the latest round of massive illegal entries into the United States. However, many of the people are not her to wait on our tables and provide landscaping. Many of these people are here to destroy us and our country. Even James Comey has admitted to the fact that ISIS has a huge presence in the United States (February of 2016). The demise of America consists of several moving parts. Some of it I have previously reported on. Some of it is new to me. This is the first part of a series that will connect the dots between our enemies and the traitors, on this side of the border that would help them.

The Brain Child for This Invasion is the CIA and the Clinton Foundation

The CIA has been accused of involvement in throughout the world. This is no surprise to anyone who has followed several rogue elements of the agency. It has been well documented that the CIA, as part of the Nicaragua “Air America” operation which nearly brought down the Reagan administration in the Iran-Contra affair, set up drug trafficking entities that we refer to as the Bloods and the Crips. The LA street gangs trafficked in Pablo Escobar’s cocaine, the profits were skimmed and inserted to buying arms from Iran, prohibited by Congress, and given to the Contra and the Sandinistas in the 1980’s.

These drug trafficking routes had direct entry into other parts of the United States, through the Clinton-controlled and so-called Mena Cartel out of Arkansas and guess who the main players were? Of course, being that this plot was acted upon in Arkansas in the late 1980’s, they were none other than the Clintons. Some of this money fueled the rise of Bill and ultimately Hillary. This information is hardly proprietary and is offered as contextual background to help the reader understand what is coming next in terms of CIA-backed, Clinton-inspired drug trafficking and its relation to the current invasion that is overwhelming our country and causing the collapse of our southern border.

These events helped to cement the rise of the Clintons as players in the global elite’s drug trafficking schemes in which my DEA contacts (2) tell me is the most lucrative business on the planet.

Several investigations on the subject that have received been conducted by such researchers as hi Alfred McCoy and former diplomat Peter Dale Scott, as well as journalists, Gary Webb and Alexander Cockburn. These claims were serious enough to have led to investigations by the United States government, including hearings and reports by the United States House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Department of Justice.

Ask any DEA agent, who was assigned to Columbia in the 1980’s what it was like sharing the US Embassy with CIA and they will tell you that they were great obstructionists to stopping the Escobar empire. And when enough Congressional pressure was brought to bear and the CIA was forced to stand down and let nature take its course, Escobar declined in prominence, but the CIA moved its operation to Cali away from the Escobar-dominated Medellin. The Cali Cartel picked up where Escobar left off, prior to the drug dealer’s death in 1993.

The Cali cartel became deeply entrenched with the Clintons. However, the Cali Cartel eventually declined in its distribution capabilities, but not in its cocaine production, it became necessary to “franchise” the operation and to decentralize. This led to the rise of the Mexican drug wars. Eventually a former Mexican police officer, Gallardo, brought together several different small-time drug dealers and formed the Sinaloa drug cartel. Prior to the consolidation, the Chinese military, through various front groups ran drug trafficking from Mexico into the United States. I have been told by many, including former CIA contract agent, the late Bill Pawelec that the Chinese used this money to fund their military’s North American projects (eg solar farms and covert troop activities through various front groups).

During 2015, I had a number of conversations with a former high-ranking DEA agent who had been stationed throughout Central America including Peru. He told me that the cartel violence was an internal war, in Mexico, between CIA assets and the CHICOMS assets and this war wages today and has come to America in places like Chinatown. From these conversations, I learned that much of the CIA’s and later Clinton Foundation drug interests were transferred to Peru when the heat on Columbia became too great. Today, Peru is a major player in international drug trafficking.

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