Martel: 5 Times the New York Times Defended Communism

Thursday, June 13, 2019
By Paul Martin

12 Jun 2019

The New York Times confused many on Tuesday publishing an opinion piece calling for “fully automated luxury communism” (?), a supposed “new politics” to liberate us from disease, starvation, and boredom.

Communism is nothing new; it is a nearly 200-year-old death cult that has taken 100 million lives, a low estimate given that communist states like China, North Korea, and Cuba continue to add to the death count on a daily basis – and the fact that the ideology has spread even further to places like Venezuela, South Africa, and Sri Lanka through its cuddlier alter ego, “socialism” or “democratic socialism.”

Only slightly younger than the political dinosaur that is communism is the New York Times‘ insistence on publishing propaganda that defends it. Aaron Bastani’s asteroid mining fever dream is merely the latest in a century of apologism, revisionist history, and fake news designed to promote authoritarianism. Below, seven of boundless examples of America’s most prominent newspaper using its rights in a free society to glamorize, fetishize (literally), or otherwise defend violent Marxist totalitarianism.

‘Fully Automated Luxury Communism’

Monday’s gem by Bastani, who has penned a book of the same name and stands to profit from it thanks to not living under communism, is a strange twist for the Times, as it veers away from defending the brutal realities of communism on earth and opts instead to promote a science fiction version in which automation and gene editing have solved all of humanity’s problems, including stripping it from the dignity of work. Bastani beams over nearly every tired young adult dystopian fiction trope – asteroid mining, robot overlords, synthetic meat – and argues that a “new politics,” the same communism of the 1800s that has had a 100-percent fail rate, is the only way to this new life.

The only thing standing in the way of humanity living a reality where no one eats meat, has jobs, or avoids having scientists tinker with their DNA is capitalism. This, the New York Times column argues, is a bad thing.

‘Women Under Communism Had More Sexual Pleasure’

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