Tuesday, June 11, 2019
By Paul Martin

Globalist is attempting to ‘remake American society’

Steve Watson
JUNE 11, 2019

In a hard hitting report Monday, Tucker Carlson warned that billionaire globalist George Soros is stealthily changing American society by ‘buying’ district attorney elections.

Carlson urged viewers to make themselves aware that Soros “has used his wealth to remake our society, American society.”

“His latest area of focus is criminal justice. From Texas to Philadelphia [and] the state of Virginia, Soros has reportedly spent millions of dollars backing candidates for District Attorney, for prosecutor.” Carlson continued.

“Once elected, these candidates…have ended cash bail, treated felonies like misdemeanors, and sometimes ignored some crimes entirely.” the host declared.

The Fox host highlighted the election of Democrat Larry Krasner to the office of District Attorney in Philadelphia.

“In the city of Philadelphia, Soros backed Larry Krasner and the murder rate there is the highest that it has been in a decade,” Carlson urged.

Carlson’s guest William McSwain, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania warned that “Philadelphia is the laboratory for where this experiment in Soros-funded prosecutors are playing out.”

McSwain charged the Democrat of “ramming down his radical, pro-defendant ideology on everyone else.”

With regards to Soros’ influence, he added “He is taking what I would describe as an illegitimate, anti-democratic shortcut by trying to purchase elections and then, once the DA is in place, he or she doesn’t enforce the law—and presto, you’ve got criminal justice reform.”

“What Mr. Soros I think wants to do is that he wants to implement his radical agenda and he realizes that he can’t do that through the normal democratic process,” McSwain said, explaining that “Normally, if you’re going to try to get criminal justice reform you have to do it through the legislature.”

“People don’t really understand the degree to which George Soros is successfully remaking this country, and they should understand.” Carlson stressed.

“Soros has effectively intimidated people into not criticizing him. It’s some kind of moral crime to call this to public attention, but it is in the public interest to know, and so we are anyway.” Carlson concluded.

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