RINOs: McConnell Floats DREAMer Bill While Graham Drafts Legislation To Benefit Illegal Alien Invaders

Sunday, June 9, 2019
By Paul Martin

JUNE 8, 2019

While the Mexican delegation was in Washington, DC, meeting with President Trump to reach an agreement on “asylum alignment” and the “safe third country” deal, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Senate Majority Leader, spoke to Guy Benson, Fox News radio host, regarding legislation concerning “Dreamers” and the illegal alien invasion occurring on the US southern border, as reported by CNSnews.com. According to McConnell, “Dreamers” have a sympathetic case, but it isn’t enough to get any legislation passed. He also contended that providing “Dreamers” with a path to citizenship has to be paired with additional measures to “fix the broken immigration system”.

McConnell spoke to Fox News Radio host Guy Benson, who asked him if the Democrats’ American Dream and Promise Act (H.R. 6) will get a vote in the Senate.

“Probably not,” McConnell said.

“Immigration is an area that there is bipartisan responsibility from failure to act. I think it’s important to remember when the Democrats last controlled the entire government — the White House, the House, the Senate in 2009, 2010 — never brought the subject up.

“So it makes me wonder if they really want an outcome or they want an issue. I think the Dreamers have a sympathetic case. There are circumstances under which I and others would be happy to support that. But we need to do more than that. You know, there’s some genuine fixes on the legal immigration side and on the illegal immigration side that need to be addressed.”

McConnell was correct citing a “bipartisan responsibility” for failing to act on illegal alien invasion and enforcement of immigration law. And, when it comes to legal immigration, there are many areas for improvement, such as the “liberal” visa program concerning foreign workers and the number of individuals allowed to enter the republic each year. But, citizens should know by now that both parties receive a secondary gain from refusing to address either issue – Democrats gain voters as States allow illegal alien invaders to vote in violation of the law and Republicans can satisfy their corporate donor handlers with cheap labor. It has become a “one hand washes the other” with both parties where both receive a benefit while both agree to skirt the immigration issues.

While “Dreamers” may have a “sympathetic case” according to McConnell, the truth is these “Dreamers” are no longer children and could have presented themselves to immigration offices upon reaching the age of eighteen or adulthood. Since these “Dreamers” failed to do so, choosing instead to blatantly violate the law, these individuals should be treated the same as any illegal alien invader – held to the immigration law. The fixes on the illegal alien invasion side should be enforcement of the law, not changing the law to fit lawlessness, corruption and those who violate the law; and, it certainly should not be changing the law to fit any reason presented by those apprehended by border patrol to gain entry into the united States.

When it comes to legal immigration, the number of legal immigrants entering the republic should be lowered and the visa programs scaled back. But, this would go against the Republican corporate donor handlers who demand immigration be legislated according to their needs, just as illegal alien invasion is legislated or ignored to provide Democrats an additional voting base. It has been this status quo – the ignoring of immigration law, as well as the welfare/warfare state, that has resulted in the problems with legal immigration and illegal alien invasion.

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