(Again)…Judgement Day: Dave Hodges interviews Mike Adams on why Trump must ARREST the domestic traitors and stop the sabotage from within

Saturday, June 8, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Thursday, June 06, 2019

The is the most hard-hitting interview I’ve done all year. I probably said too much, but since Dave Hodges is fully aware of what’s happening with the planned destruction of America, I didn’t hold back.

In this interview (see below), courtesy of TheCommonsenseShow.com, Dave and I discuss the hard core truth about how America is being invaded, economically sabotaged and threatened by domestic enemies from within. Essentially, there is an open mutiny being waged by the intelligence community, and it must be put down or America will be eliminated from within.

In the opening segment of this interview, I call for the military police arrest of sanctuary city mayors and Trump’s deployment of regional martial law to seek out and arrest all domestic enemies engaged in treason. This is exactly what needs to happen if America is to survive the planned, multi-layered onslaught being waged against it by globalists and “enemies within.”

President Trump needs to know that We the People are able and willing to take to the streets to defend this nation if such actions are invoked by our Commander in Chief. It’s time to defend America and eliminate the traitors operating within. It’s time for limited martial law and military police arrests until the traitors are located, arrested and indicted for treason.

If YouTube bans this video, we’ll post it on Brighteon.com and update this article to show it.

2 Responses to “(Again)…Judgement Day: Dave Hodges interviews Mike Adams on why Trump must ARREST the domestic traitors and stop the sabotage from within”

  1. laura ann

    Gov grisham is a “sorry piece of work”- the S.W. is being invaded, patriots are slacking, so men, get off your hind end and do something to protect property and business. Man up folks! Next girls and women will be raped and muggings, car jackings, murders, robberies incl.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Here’s the problem laura … ( and I’m just as guilty I guess for only commenting ?, ) Independent Media, particularly those with podcasts and who do journalistic investigation and write articles, are simply “narrating” what the bad guys are doing to us. The bad guys are laughing because here we are, the greatest people with the greatest country … that much blood was shed for us to have … and are we using our 1st amendment as the tool it was designed to be ? No. We’re just trying not to offend some 3rd world darkies and self hating whites with I Q’s under 75.

    There was a demon in one of Frank E. Peretti’s old Christian fiction novels named “Observer.” Observer followed Satan around and wrote down “narrated,” every evil accomplishment of his. In the end, he was shocked to be tossed in the fire with Satan and his journal. He thought all the writing was for some purpose, but it was a big waste of time in the bitter end.

    All this “narration” of the evil being done to us changes nothing if we don’t create a solution. Talk, talk talk. Write write write. We have been invaded and are occupied. We are being still invaded. We’re silenced by bath house homo’s who by organized crime commit federal felonies against us. I would go on … but thanks to all the “observing,” we all know what’s going on.

    Here’s the solution no one mentions : Balkanize. Restructure America into 4 new Republics, ours being A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY.

    The ONLY other solution would be to try and save America as a whole … which would require – among 20 + other things – the deportation of at least 40 + million 3rd world invaders, and the importation of 20 million white Christians from Europe and S. Africa.

    It’s way past time to stop “observing,” and start doing.


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