Report: Mexico Getting Illegals Bus Tickets to ‘Different Places Along The Border’ to ‘Spread Them Out’

Wednesday, June 5, 2019
By Paul Martin

Chris Menahan
Jun. 04, 2019

Mexico is ferrying around illegal aliens to “different places along the border to kind of spread them out” so they’ll avoid the “bad optics” of crossing “all in one big unit,” the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies said Tuesday.

From OneNewsNow, “Mexico good at PR, poor at stopping migrants”:

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, agrees that Mexico has been more cooperative with the Trump administration.

“There is lots of room for improvement obviously,” he says, “but they’ve been much more cooperative than they have been before in trying to limit this flow of people from Central America.”

With that said, however, he advises that supposed assistance has been just for show such as the caravan that was halted at the border.

“What they ended up doing was just getting people bus tickets to different places along the border to kind of spread them out,” Krikorian recalls, “so that if they were going to cross they wouldn’t be doing it all in one big unit, which would be bad optics, be incendiary.”

Much of the supposed “cooperation” therefore amounts to an attempt at good public relations with Trump, he adds.

When they make it into the US, the Department of Homeland Security puts them on buses and planes and places them throughout the country.

“In congressional testimony, [DHS head Kevin McAleenan] said his agency is releasing ‘100 percent’ of adult border crossers who arrive with children at the U.S.-Mexico border and giving them work permits shortly thereafter,” Breitbart reported last week.

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  1. Robert Edward Lee

    WHAT will it take, for I M platforms to push THE solution ? I guess if they haven’t done it by now, they never will. So ……… why bother watching / listening to / reading their stuff ? We the people need a SOLUTION. A buttload of BAD 3rd world darkies are in The US., waiting for “the call.” Meanwhile pansy independent media “fellas,” rattle on about Foxnews like stuff. We have a new name for this : NOISE NEWS. See ? There’s fake news, and there’s NOISE NEWS. Noise news is fluff and filler. Fodder. Unimportant BS. here’s some real news that should make us shut off the NOISE NEWS WE’RE GETTING FROM CANDY ASS I M OUTLETS and begin the Confederate conversation. ( Listening, Mike Adams ? ) Mike’s the closest thing we have to a “founder like” news guy.


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