Federal Agents Agree That Military Action Against Mexico Is Needed

Monday, June 3, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, June 3, 2019

We are all aware that the President is hitting Mexico with what should be some devastating tariffs in response to the Mexican government’s sponsoring of the massive wave of immigrants that is presently crossing our border. The leftist, Sinoloan drug cartel supporting President Obrador responded by demanding that Trump admit everyone and anyone wanting to cross our Southern border. Of course, the Mexican President would hate to see the profits from drug trafficking, child-sex-trafficking and gun-running be interfered with by slowing the rate of illegal immigration. To a corrupt Mexican governmental or LEO, losing cartel profits would be far worse than anything a tariff could do. Remember, the unfortunate Mexican people have had to live under a narco-terrorist-state regime for decades. The phrase “narco-terrorist state” is the operative term.

Mexico Commits Multiple Acts of War Against the United States

The Mexican government has committed multiple acts of aggression and even war against the government and the people of the United States. Just the deaths alone, from the opioid drug crisis is a blatant act of war against our youth and their parents. The Mexican military has repeatedly and illegally crossed our border and engaged in illegal terrorist and gang activities including shooting at a Marine, recently, and in an earlier incident, they captured two special forces troops. Mexico poses a major national security threat to our country as they are aiding and abetting, MS-13, ISIS, Cubans, South Americans (eg Columbia, Venezuela, etc) terrorists and gangsters, as well as the Sinoloa and other drug cartels crossing of our Southern border.

Tariffs will not impact the drug cartels to any significant degree. And it is the drug cartels that is partnering with terrorist groups with regard to, in part sponsoring the criminal, terrorist elements crossing our border. These are the people that mean us harm.

I previously reported on our Youtube Channel that DHS was being deployed to Guatemala. Happy days are here again. At last the US government can bring pressure to bear on the Guatemalan LEO’s to limit illegal crossings through country and into Mexico. Then I woke up. This is a false statement and the article that appeared on a popular website is disinformation.

We Do Have Forces In Guatemala-It’s the CIA Not DHS

This is indeed the cover story that was intentionally linked so it would be reported in the MSM and the Independent Media as fact. In actuality, I cannot find anyone in any of the alphabet soup agencies that knows this to be fact. However, there are plenty of sources that say that the CIA is on the Guatemala-Mexican border and have been through this entire crisis.

Subsequently, and after several confidential conversations, I have learned that there is one of the alphabet soup agencies that is indeed involved with the Guatemalan LEO’s, but it is not the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as is being falsely reported. While writing these words, I just had an conversational exchange with a well-place source within DHS and what this person said matches what I have been told by the DEA. My long-time DEA source said “we have no jurisdiction in Guatemala. They would not welcome us unless they could gain more direct US financial aid than they would from drug dealing and other criminal activities and that is not possible. Further, all of Central America is aligned with the cartel/terrorist paramilitary activity.”

Kathy Rubio, DHS, DEA Accounts Match

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