The Passage of the Equality and the TAPS Acts Marks the Rollout of the 4th Reich

Friday, May 31, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Friday, May 31, 2019

President Trump may have bouts of populism, but essentially, he is compromised, at least in part. Yes, he’s opposing Bolton on Iran, but he should never had the genocidal Bolton in his administration to begin with.

The Democrats have proven themselves to the be the party of socialist/communist revolution against both our culture and our political rights. They are intent on establishing a socialist utopia with communist overtones. When they are done, the Constitution will be gone. Private property will be gone. The right to dissent will die a violent death and due process for so-called “enemies of the state” will end and we will witness millions of unwarranted incarcerations and worse as foretold by Obama’s political benefactor Bill Ayers and former FBI informant, the late Larry Grathwohl.Ayers once proclaimed that wen he allies took over, they would have to incarcerate 50 million in re-education camps and murder over half of the inmates. Ayers visited Obama several times during his presidency.

Dark days lie ahead, America and now the Republicans are now donning their masks of tyranny as they move to turn America into a police state that will eventually travel down the path of gun confiscation and has history demonstrates, genocide. In fact, just today, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe “let me grope your daughter” Biden just declared war on the Second Amendment. And now Republicans are now lining up to join Democratic socialists in subjugating you and me. Being a student of history, I have this ominous feeling that we are witnessing the rise of the 4th Reich and the destruction of the Oroville Dam will usher the new (world order) age.

The Equality Act

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