Green DEAD Deal: From GRAVE To PLATE: ‘Human Consumption Tanks’ Ready As “Recomposition” Legalized!

Thursday, May 23, 2019
By Paul Martin
MAY 23, 2019

You may have recently heard about Human Mulch being made legal in Washington. I bet you didn’t hear the actual agenda behind the movement I am called the Green Dead Deal; From Grave To Plate. To fully understand the depravity of the movement you must understand BioSludge and Hydrolysis Tanks. Mike Adams did an amazing job on “BioSludge” the movie; linked below but this only tells a part of the full death agenda. When you learn that there are Human Consumption tanks are already across the Country; chills running up and down your spine will be the least of your issues. Please watch the video to learn everything you need to know of the horrific reality we now face.

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2 Responses to “Green DEAD Deal: From GRAVE To PLATE: ‘Human Consumption Tanks’ Ready As “Recomposition” Legalized!”

  1. laura ann

    Most everyone has cemetery plots, or will be cremated and spread ashes in their fav. place or in a moseleum. This will be the poor, homeless who used to end up in potters field in unmarked graves. May incl animals euthanized or they may be used/processed in animal feed. So what are all these “expert” doing to stop this?

  2. Arizona

    ITS really a shame america won’t be around to see what OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN HAS PLANNED,they can compost the dead of the people all they want,IT won’t change what HE HAS PLANNED TO DEAL with the most evil,insane ,stupid,demonic nation in history,mystery babylon the great,HES GOING TO BURY america under 3,000 feet of MUD,just to make sure nothing escapes,and there will be places its a lot deeper then 3,000 feet…sadly they won’t repent ,or they might have saved themselves,but it was their choice,america has chosen poorly..JUSTUS you and Lisa stay glued to the LORD and you’ll be leaving before this happens,I know you don’t want to see it going down,take my friends…


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