Democrats – Trying To Separate You From Your Firearms Since 1934

Sunday, May 12, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Don McDougall
May 11, 2019

USA – -( Before there was an NRA/ILA to fight to protect our rights; back when the concept that owning a gun to protect yourself was part of just being an American and the 2nd Amendment was never a question, the Democrats wove into their DNA the desire to disarm America.

While we know the National Firearms Act as a law to disarm criminals from having machine guns the original intent, and the original version pushed by FDR, was nothing less than comprehensive disarmament for the common man.

The definition of a “Machine Gun” originally included any semi-automatic firearm that could hold 12 rounds or more, basically, ANY semi-automatic with a magazine, Add in the barrel length restrictions and lots of generic rifles also get tagged. All pistols and Revolvers would have also been banned. Or taxed out of existence really.

The purchase of every firearm would require registration and a fee. The $200 fee in 1934 is the equivalent of over $3,700 today. So sure, you COULD buy a gun, but only if your were rich and more than likely these firearms would have been squeezed out of the American Culture.

The intent of the NFA of 1934 was to disarm America.

How did FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) sell the NFA? Like all good Democrats he used fear and spin by focusing on criminal use of machine guns.

The Roosevelt Administration went to print and radio outlets and asked for their help. Just like today, the media took a side, to assure that any use of a machine gun was an evil event, even though most machine guns were on one gangster vs. another.

If any of this sounding familiar? Senator Feinstein offers an “Assault Weapons Ban” so broad it included 1911’s!? The liberal media makes every use of an “AR patterned firearm” into a national disaster. Just like they did in 1934.

Disarming America is a CORE belief of an FDR Democrat in that time. Corry Booker and Eric Swalwell (that crowd) are doing NOTHING but following an 80-year-old playbook. They long to be the politician to fulfill Roosevelt’s dreams. In the halls of the Ivy League, the failure to disarm America is taught as Roosevelt’s only major failure. Good liberals line up to continue the battle not even knowing why.

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