Laura Loomer Is Right… What are Republicans Going to Do to Stop the Elimination of Conservative Content Online?

Friday, May 10, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Jacob Engels
May 10, 2019

As the censorship of freedom-minded Americans gets worse and worse, many of us have become frustrated beyond belief. Most of us confide in family or friends. Some of us do what we can to organize politically to speak out against the censorship. Others fight back on the remaining platforms where we still have accounts. And many remain focused on other things… assuming that they will never be targeted or harassed by the tyrants of the tech-left.

When it comes to evaluating who is the most censored women in the MAGA movement, Laura Loomer holds that unlucky title. Loomer has bravely faced the radical Islamists that want us all dead and vigorously supported President Trump. She has been relentless in sharing the hard truths that awaken our fellow Americans.

And for that she has been targeted for depersoning. The tech-left has almost erased her completely from the internet. Some have suggested that Loomer’s melt down on Alex Jones a few days ago over the hardships of being deplatformed and depersoned was “over-the-top” or “crisis acting.”

Shame on those poor souls. She is mad as hell and refuses to deal with the abuse directed at her in a quiet or calm fashion. That is nothing to be ashamed about. Quite frankly, it got our attention and shares a far greater purpose. It was a cathartic moment for Loomer, but it should also be the wake up call for the rest of us.

This Gateway Pundit reporter has also been banned from Facebook and Twitter. IT SUCKS. Instead of retreating into nothingness or depression, it’s time we all fought back. It is time that we scream and shout.

Our fundamental rights as Americans are wasting away as the Republicans in DC sit around and do nothing. As our President sits around and tweets about how horrible it is. When are more people going to take meaningful action?

Let the digital erasure of Laura Loomer, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes and so many others be the spark to action. We need a digital revolution or we need to just submit completely to our new monarchs and their far left thought police.

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