Armed Teachers Is the Only Answer to Protecting Students in the Coming False Flag Attacks

Monday, May 6, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, May 6, 2019

The Deep State is desperate. They live in fear that Trump might actually do something with regard to prosecuting social media that is breaking the law. Further, the Deep State fears deserved prosecution for some of its own criminals. Therefore, the Deep State needs to perpetuate a series of false flag events before their planned coup. They need an excuse to seize the guns of Americans who will stand up to the planned coup against Trump and our government and to do that, they need to perpetuate false flag attacks. At the top of that list will be school shootings.

In the upcoming few weeks, I have intel which suggests that graduation ceremonies could be targeted as well as the return to school in August, for most of the nation. This brief article calls attention to the fact that most of the world, including Israel protects its students, often by arming its teachers. Our country seems content to let students be slaughtered in gun-free-zones.

The very notion of gun-free zones are based on an erroneous principle, namely, that murderers will follow the rules. This flawed logic is an insult to all law-abiding citizens.

Does anyone doubt the fact that any of the family members of the Newton, Connecticut shootings, wish that the teachers, administrators and security were armed with guns on the morning of December 14, 2012, or at Parkland,FL., last year? How many lives could have been saved if we armed school personnel in previously gun free zones? The Israelis spare no expense in defending their children from these heinous acts. In Israel, teachers carry guns. In America, thanks to the notion of gun free zones, Americans leaves its children defenseless.

The average police response time, in America, is six minutes and the average draw-and-shoot response time for a concealed carry weapons holder is five seconds.. As flawed as the anti-gun advocates logic is, the fact remains that the more guns that a community possess, the lower the violent crime rate. This point is clearly illustrated when a reasonable person compares Germany to Switzerland and discovers that gun ownership is three times as high in Switzerland, yet the Swiss have a much lower murder rate. This is also true in rural areas in the United States, which have historically higher rates of gun ownership, yet have far lower murder rates. Further, gun ownership doubled in the late 20th century followed by a decreasing murder rate. Stricter gun laws create more death, just look at the astronomical homicide rates in Washington DC, New York City and Chicago. Yet, these facts are rarely commented on in the media.

Texas now has a 144 hour firearms training program for its teachers. Finally, someone is actually concerned in saving student lives rather than carry out some liberal-inspired agenda which disarms Americans in advance of the coming coup. Here is a description of the program in Texas.

America, we are living in the midst of a coup. Your children are the sacrificial lambs for the left which seeks to overthrow the culture, politics and religion of this country. But first, they need your guns. Second, they need to sacrifice some of your children for an excuse to seize the guns. Have you had enough? Every school district in every state needs this program.

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