More False Flag Attacks Coming: Stopping School Shootings and Maximizing Survival When They Occur

Saturday, May 4, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Saturday, May 4, 2019

This article is grim as it focuses on the various strategies designed to keep children and young adults safe on their respective campuses. And as the left is under attack, expect more false flag attacks and at the top of that list will be more school shootings. The left needs an excuse to seize all guns.

How to Prevent School Shootings

How do we prevent school shootings? This is the easiest question that I have been asked. The answer is to put armed cops inside of every school. The answer to is train select personnel employed at the school how to best utilize the gun skills they possess and how to handle an armed intruder. In Israel, every teacher is armed.

Can we stop all school shootings? Of course not, however, there are things we can do to maximize survival.

School Lock-downs

The major strategy to keep students safe is known as a school lock-down and it is widely practiced in a drill format.

Any type of institutional defense consists of three areas of response: (1) Run; (2) Fight; and (3) Hide. In today’s public schools, lock-down drills are particularly concerning because they focus on only one of the three potential responses, namely, hide.

When I taught self-defense to various public institutions and their employees, running was always the first line of defense. Fighting is never advised unless cornered. However, in today’s lock-down drills, fighting is strongly discouraged and therefore, NEVER practiced. Subsequently, in today’s world, student security defaults to concealment. The problem with hiding inside of a locked classroom, is that when a group is discovered, a locked door will not keep out an armed intruder and then it will be like shooting ducks in a bathtub.

When I taught, it was illegal to have a firearm on any campus in Arizona from secondary to post-secondary. Therefore, I kept a blunt (non-weapon) instrument in my desk. My plan was to, in concealment, to crouch by the door and get inside the pivot range of a rifle toting assailant as they entered the door and deliver a set of crushing blows to the head and then disarm the person.

In reality, I taught my students that running was our best defense and we practiced it. However, liberal administrators were none too happy and called me on it. I remained defiant by challenging their lack of experience compared to my training and I reminded them that they would probably be hiding under their desks with the lights off.

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