Is Antifa Planning to Use Yellow Vest Tactics to Drive Trump From Office?

Friday, May 3, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Friday, May 3, 2019

Things are not always as they seem. Take the Yellow Vest riots in France. Project the same events here in America and we have a whole different set of outcomes.

Yellow Vest Riots Continue

At issue in France is the value added taxes imposed by the United Nations to encourage far less gas consumption and less driving on the part of the French. They are tired of globalist taxes and being ruled by a globalist puppet in the form of French President Macron! The people have had enough and the have Macron over a barrel.

The Yellow Vest riots against President Macron and his globalist puppetiers has gone on for a half a year. Macron’s repeated attempts to put an end to the weekly yellow vest protests have failed as he has even called in the European army to no avail. The police cannot stop the riots and they are growing increasingly more dangerous and volatile. even though Marcon has promised lower taxes and more local government autonomy. Macron is trying to prevent his country from slipping into a civil war.

During a recent speech, Macron defended a set of controversial economic reforms aimed at modernizing the French economy, stating he was “confident” that the measures taken in the first two years of his presidency were in the best interest of the country. The people do not agree. They see it as a globalist sell-out.

The Yellow Vesters protests have sought to test that notion that many have vowed to continue protesting Macron is out of power.

Why Is This Important to Americans?

I had a discussion with an alphabet soup agency about the Yellow Vest riots. I see the fact that the rank and file of France are standing up to illegitimate authority as a good thing. I wished the protests were more benign with regard to violence. However, there is an international uprising against globalism across the planet. However, my alphabet agency contact sees it differently.

My contact said that I should substitute the name Trump for Macron and also replace the term Yellow Vests with Antifa. The moment he said that, it sent shivers down my spine. Is this what Trump could expect? Is the French model the one that the Deep State is going to follow in America until our conservative President is driven from office?

There is no question that the American intelligence community wants Trump gone from office. Is it possible that Soros’ groups would hijack the tactics that the Yellow Vests have used to paralyze France. Macron will eventually be driven from power. Will Trump be next? What we see here is Alinsiky’s radical rules on how to overwhelm the oppostion.

Here is an analysis of the Yellow Vest movement contained in the following video.

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