Major Universities Caught Issuing Diploma Mill Degrees to Illegal Aliens and Liberal Candidates Posing As Conservatives…(Have To Take A Friend To Outpatient Surgery Today…)

Wednesday, April 24, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Marlyn Rupar first brought to my attention the fact that there is an organization, along with partner universities that have compromised the academic integrity of the America’s post-secondary system. Marilyn provided much of the information that follows in which it is alleged that the following is taking place inside many of nation’s most prestigious universities in order to promote an overthrow of American culture and politics. I have had one source confirm that the following group is also tied into the Justice Democrats. We allege that the following is taking place.

Fake degrees, in a diploma mill format are being offered to the following people:

Illegal aliens
Targeted Latino community members (ie Ocasio Cortez).
There is an offshoot of this program which takes the best of the best of this unholy alliance and then grooms them for 2-5 years to run for office as a Republican, yet they are “Trojan Horse” Democrats designed to create a liberal takeover in local communities from the bottom up. They run for mayor, city council and county commissioners. The present mayor of Ft. Collins, an Agenda 21 stronghold, is such a person.

The illegal aliens who get to “possess” these advance degrees and they move into positions of prominence, thus spreading their ultra liberal influence into the power structures of our society. It is an illegal and unwarranted influence, but these people will never be deported. Activist, Virginia Farver, told me in a recent interview, that Ft. Collins is constantly getting new people for administrative appointments who are young and incredibly incompetent. They are often recycled between Austin and Santa Cruz, other Agenda 21 strongholds.

The most disturbing aspect of these fake programs is twofold:

1. The leftists have succeeded in getting prestigious colleges to sacrifice their academic integrity. Although, this does explain the social justice warrior mentality in many of our colleges today.

2. How do people know what they are voting for in local elections? If someone is trained to act Republican but vote liberal, how can the average person know they are being deceived? The tragic answer is that they cannot know.

Founding Partner Universities
There are several prominent members of this most unholy and shameful organization. Here is the original list.

Michigan University
Vanderbilt University
Binghamton University
Boston University (Ocasio-Cortez)
University of Albany
Case Western Reserve
University of California
Penn State (home of Climategate emails and Sandusky pedophilia)
Michigan State University
Ohio State University
UMASS Amherst
University of Florida
Florida Gulf Coast University
Georgia State University
University of South Florida
Rutgers University

The Rest…HERE

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