Bank of America just shut down all bank accounts belonging to a Baptist Pastor because of his Christian beliefs

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Lance D Johnson
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Bank of America shut down all the bank accounts associated with The Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. Pastor Steven Anderson spoke out in a YouTube video. All accounts associated with his ministry have been frozen without notice. “We can’t even get our money out,” exclaimed Pastor Anderson. “We can’t even walk into the bank and withdraw our money they just froze everything, shut everything down.”

Pastor Anderson has not violated any policies published by Bank of America. In the coming weeks the bank plans to mail Pastor Anderson a cashier’s check for the current balance in the church’s accounts. In the meantime, the church cannot organize, pay bills, or give in any charitable way. Bank of America has given no official explanation for “de-banking” the church. The church has not been accused of money laundering or violating the Patriot Act. They have simply been denied services.

Christians being segregated from society because of their so-called “hate”

Pastor Andersen believes that Bank of America is “persecuting” the church and those of Christian faith. Regardless of the bank’s abrupt decision, Pastor Andersen is not deterred. He says, “We’re not slowing down at all. Everything’s going full speed ahead at Faithful Word Baptist Church.”

There is great reason to believe that Pastor Andersen was denied services at Bank of America because of his fundamentalist teachings on homosexuality. Many in the LGBT community strictly oppose the Christian message on homosexuality and believe that it is “hate speech.” Social media giants use “hate speech” policies to shut down accounts that are not in agreement with the LGBT community. Facebook and Twitter have shut down user accounts because they violated “community standards” regarding so-called “hateful content.” Are the Big Banks adopting the same kind of “hate speech” policies that cow-tow to the LGBT speech control police? If so, then they should come clean with a new policy stating their war against Christianity.

The Southern Poverty Law Center publishes a list of more than 950 organizations that allegedly engage in “hate speech” against immigrants, Islam, and homosexuality. The SPLC is currently working with PayPal, Amazon Smile, and other financial institutions to deny online money transfer services to individuals who commit “hate speech.” Is Bank of America following in the same path?

Christian conservatives are slowly being gagged online and forced to denounce their beliefs in order to participate in today’s society. “Hate speech” policies target Christian conservatives when they speak about their beliefs or minister to people. If Christian speech is found to be “offensive” to the LGBT community, Christians can now be de-platformed on social media, shadow-banned, or denied financial services. This is the segregated America we now live in, where espousing Conservative Christian beliefs can automatically exclude you from being able to participate in society and American democracy.

Twisted “hate speech” policies segregate Conservatives and Christians

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