Saturday, April 20, 2019
By Paul Martin
APRIL 19, 2019

One of the signs of a collapsing social order is when the central government fails to, or is unable to, control its borders. Once that happens, the native citizens are overwhelmed by the hordes of disease ridden, low skill, illegal immigrants who don’t speak English, have no intention of assimilating into modern American culture, and have an open contempt for America. We have now reached that point, due to the policies of the Marxist Democrats, the policies of the corporate Republicans, where the southern US border is now totally out of control, with the US government overwhelmed. If this was all there was to the story, then it would be game over.

Fortunately, the US is unique in the history of humanity in being able to deal with this border crisis. Despite efforts, which I will openly call treason, by the Marxist Democrats, and their RINO corporate lackeys, to destroy America from within, we starting to see the American people’s direct response to this treason. It is a fact that the men who wrote our US Constitution clearly saw a time would come when the people, not the government, would have to take direct action to preserve the American Republic. This is why they wrote the Second Amendment, and armed the common people. Granted, the globalists, their Marxist Democratic Party allies, the fake news media, and the educational system are virulently obsessed with disarming the common people. History has shown tyrants, of all ideologies, are terrified at the prospect of armed peasants. They should be. In fact, I believe the story below, follow the link, is the first sign of an active popular response to the total failure of the system to deal with this invasion by illegal immigrants. The basic idea is ‘if “the powers that be” won’t deal with the border crisis, then the people will do it.”

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