Was The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire A False Flag? The GLOBALISTS DO In-Fact RUN FRANCE

Tuesday, April 16, 2019
By Paul Martin

April 16, 2019

Before the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, ten churches in France were either vandalized or set on fire over the past month, and that begs the question…

Editor’s Note: This post is subjective opinion, and most people will find it offensive. Continue reading at your own risk.


There were 10 churches attacked in France over the past month or so.

Can we now make that eleven?

Well, put on your thinking cap.

‘Cause you’ll need it:


I guess that will do.

Now, If you are a corrupt, dirty government, and the people are not just angry, but they are actually taking to the streets, as evidenced by the Yellow Vests Protests in France, then you have some issues as a country that must be addressed in one way or another.

But corrupt governments never look after the interests of the people.


Honest governments do.

But since there is no country that uses the honesty of a gold or silver standard, such as the bi-metallic standard specifically required by the United States Constitution, then every single sovereign government on earth is quite literally corrupted, dirty, rotten and evil to the core.

So how does a government like the one mentioned above squash the anger of the masses, an anger that is turning into actual violence in the streets?

It’s simple: Create shock-n-awe and get the people to rally behind the nation.

That’s how.

This isn’t rocket science: You kill people, you blow-up things, you destroy things, or most likely you do a combination of all three.

“You” as in the corrupt, evil people running the governments.

As far as killing people and blowing-up things, I’m talking either literally, as in a false flag, or hoaxed, as in a false flag hoax.

It doesn’t really matter – the end result is the same.

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