World’s largest e-tailer, Amazon, begins Nazi-like digital burning of books it doesn’t like

Thursday, April 11, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

In the early 1930s, The German Student Union (DSt) conducted book burning ceremonies in Hitler’s rising Third Reich and Austria aimed at destroying any political materials deemed “subversive” or counterproductive to Nazism.

In April 1933, the DSt declared a nationwide “Action against the Un-German Spirit” and deemed that a literary purge and “cleansing” by fire was necessary.

By May, several other burnings had taken place, one of them involving something like 25,000 volumes which went up in flames in the square at the State Opera in Berlin. Thus began the Nazis’ era of censorship and complete government control of all information via Josef Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda.

Today, there is a parallel taking place between the Nazi book burnings of the pre-World War II era and “digital” book burnings by e-tailer behemoth Amazon, and for much the same reason: To rid the world of ‘content’ found ‘objectionable’ or ‘subversive’ to the Left-wing globalist authoritarian viewpoint.

As noted by Allum Bokhari at Breitbart News:

Under pressure from left-wing journalists and activists, Amazon is purging right-wing authors from its store, including a book co-authored by English Islam critic and independent commentator Tommy Robinson.

Amazon has long been the dominant seller of books, having actually begun primarily as a bookseller when founder Jeff Bezos started the company. Today, Amazon accounts for 50 percent of physical book sales and 83 percent of all e-books sold in the United States, giving the e-tailer incredible power — which it is abusing.

This kind of power gives Amazon the unrivaled ability to squeeze authors the company finds objectionable nearly out of the market — a digital book burning if you will. And that’s what’s happening to authors like Robinson, who have fallen victim to a new Left-wing fake racist construct known as “white nationalism.”

In February, Bokhari notes, Amazon “banned a number of books from white identitarian Jared Taylor, and a book called The White Nationalist Manifesto by Greg Johnson. These purges followed earlier bans on Holocaust revisionist books in 2017 as well as all books by a controversial pickup blogger named Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh.

Amazon’s selective banning is virtual book-burning in the mold of the Third Reich

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