Liberal cities across America are collapsing into Third World status, including Seattle… all thanks to liberal policies

Thursday, April 11, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Vicki Batts
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

It seems Seattle is now seeing what far-left policies look like in reality — and much like the rest of America’s most liberal cities, the results aren’t very pretty. An exclusive report by KOMO News details the sheer wreckage of once-beautiful Seattle. Like so many other cities on the Left Coast, far-left politics have transformed a vibrant metropolis into a decaying shell. Homelessness, drug addiction and crime now plague Seattle.

The news special, entitled, “Seattle Is Dying,” talks about how the city has devolved into a literal wasteland of streets infested with homeless drug addicts, theft and other crimes — and how politicians continue to turn a blind eye to these problems. Instead of combating addiction, local legislators advocate for safe injection sites and force police to let things slide for the sake politics.

Suffering in Seattle

Writing for KOMO News, Eric Johnson explains that there are actually three documentaries on the plight of Seattle. The first one, “There But For the Grace of God…,” examines homelessness in the city. “Demon at the Door,” the second documentary, looks at heroin addiction.

In “Seattle Is Dying,” the KOMO News crew investigates how life is for everyone else. Johnson writes:

It’s about citizens who don’t feel safe taking their families into downtown Seattle. It’s about parents who won’t take their children into the public parks they pay for. It’s about filth and degradation all around us. And theft and crime. It’s about people who don’t feel protected anymore, who don’t feel like their voices are being heard.

The documentary, Johnson says, is not meant to “demonize” people struggling on the city’s streets, but instead is meant to question why the city isn’t doing more to actually protect and help its citizens. Instead, it seems that local politicians and their ilk are doing everything in their power to drive the city further into chaos.

A city consumed by chaos

As Gateway Pundit reports, the documentary showcases how ineffective Democratic policies are. Instead of protecting citizens from crime and drugs, politicians are welcoming these behaviors into their cities with open arms and then letting the chips fall as they may. No one gets charged for “small” crimes anymore since district attorneys rarely goes after charges that involve theft, robbery or drug-dealing.

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