Mueller Express Fails to Deliver, Democrats Head for the Abyss

Sunday, April 7, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Clarice Feldman
April 7, 2019

As the long-running Mueller Witch Hunt pulled into the station empty, the one thing that held together the disparate factions of the Democratic Party — the thought that Mueller would hand them grounds for impeachment — was lost and a “Gadarene stampede” (in Conrad Black’s fine phrase, descriptive of a pack of crazed swine heading for the abyss) has followed.

To be sure, those who believed Mueller would save them from the Trump revolution didn’t give up entirely. Tom Maguire had some fun at the expense of the diehards:

The Walls Are Closing In On Trump Again!

After a brief respite the media is back to Waiting For The Mueller Report: sources NOT on Mueller’s now-disbanded team tell the Times that some of the team think the Barr summary went too easy on Trump. This is impressive ‘sources say other sources say’ journalism. High school — the wonder years! As in, I wonder why Times reporters never outgrew that.

Whatever. Mueller ran a tight ship for two years but now his gang is dispersed. Some are back in private practice and no one is worried that Mueller will fire them for chatting a bit. We’ll see the report soon enough. Another week or two of staring down their rabbit hole won’t hurt the Democrats any.

Victor Davis Hanson sets the historical background:

[A]n investigation that for two years had reconciled the irreconcilable serves no longer as a source of Democratic unity.

We are going to see hard-left Democrats and socialists force their mostly unpopular agenda on politicians and candidates from their own party. And they are now putting their identity-politics money where their mouth is by openly discouraging candidates on the basis of their race and gender.[snip] With the end of the Mueller investigation, thousands of government documents, mostly unredacted, will be released. The result may be that the hunters of Trump soon become hunted by federal prosecutors. Sworn statements of Obama administration officials in the Justice Department, CIA, FBI and other bureaucracies will contradict newly released documents.

To escape punishment, all of these players in the Russian collusion delusion may now begin to turn on one another after being so united in going after Donald Trump.

The media sensationalism and optics will play out in reverse as the “noose tightens” and “the walls close in” on people such as former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

There will also be more infighting over the collective embarrassment of the Russian collusion hoax.

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