Buried lede: So now we have caravans loading up with migrants from Sri Lanka, Congo, Haiti…?

Friday, April 5, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Monica Showalter
April 5, 2019

n its story about thousands of caravan migrants encountering a slow-walk for “humanitarian” visas of passage to the U.S. from Mexican officials, Reuters let out a doozy of a detail way down in its story about the matter:

At the border town of Tapachula, near the southern tip of Mexico bordering Guatemala, another group included people from Sri Lanka, Congo and Haiti, a federal official said. Some migrants said Mexican officials had slowed down the process of awarding the visas or denied them outright without providing any explanation.

A small group lashed out at border officials in Tapachula on Tuesday over the delays, throwing rocks and breaking windows of a local migration institute building.

Lovely bunch, aren’t they, with their demands for instant customer service from Mexican officials?

They’ve obviously got a lot of money for plane flights to places like Mexico along with cartel smuggler fees, therefore they are accustomed to such service. In fact, they are convinced they are entitled to it, same as they get at the Hertz counter. When they don’t, they resort to road rage–style brick-throwing.

What it suggests is that the caravans have gone global. They’ve been marketed in the press and by its NGO allies and by the Catholic Church as a Central America thing, but they’re now attracting far more than Central Americans. The world was watching closely as President Trump dealt with the border debacle with the arrival of the first Central American caravan late last year — and everyone could see that leftist judges and congresspeople defeating him every time, unable to keep the illegal migrants out. And with Europe cracking down on the big migrant waves and sending the boats back to Libya and elsewhere, the migrants with money have decided they’ll come here through Mexico, too. They’ve concluded it’s a can’t-lose proposition.

They represent a far bigger migrant market — and cartel profit center — than just the entire Central American bloc. So, instead of 1.5 million migrants from Central America expected to arrive here this year — the number can swell enormously higher. These global migrants can see the loopholes that enabled people such as ungrateful Honduran “Lady Frijoles,” recently charged with assault with a deadly weapon in Dallas, to come here scot-free. Asylum claims give any asker at least three free years of working in the U.S. as they await a judge’s decision about their claims, meaning being sent back still yields three free years of working in America, and with instant customer service from U.S. officials, all at zero cost.

Compare and contrast to what U.S. legal immigration takes — ten years of waiting in line for service, thousands of dollars of costs, lots of lost paperwork from U.S. officials, and no free time working in America as they await claims.

What’s a migrant going to do? Europe’s pulling up the drawbridge. America is letting everyone in for free. If leftist judges and U.S. congressional leftists thought that freebie for Central Americans was going to stay with Central American migrants alone, they had another thing coming. Plane flights are cheap and frequent now.

Build an open border — and they will come.

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