Over 1M Illegal Aliens Expected to Arrive in U.S.: ‘Merkel-Style Disaster’

Sunday, March 31, 2019
By Paul Martin

31 Mar 2019

Over one million illegal aliens are expected to be added to the United States’ illegal population — which includes between 11 million to 22 million illegal aliens — this year, alone, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have confirmed.

Breitbart News analysis revealed that at current projections of illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border, Catch and Release levels, and visa overstays, the nation is set to admit and resettle about one million to 1.5 million border crossers and illegal aliens this year.

Acting ICE Director Ron Vitiello confirmed to Senator Lindsey Graham that at current rates, the U.S. is on track to admit about 1.2 million illegal aliens by the end of the year.

“If March numbers hold, we are on track for 1.2 million illegal immigrants coming into the country in 2019,” Graham wrote online.

Center for Immigration Studies Executive Director Mark Krikorian compared the flood of illegal immigration to the European migrant crisis, which remains ongoing, where the continent saw nearly 2.5 million illegal crossings into the Mediterranean in 2015 and 2016.

“We are seeing an Angela Merkel-style disaster on the border caused by loopholes in our laws that the Democrats refuse to even consider changing,” Krikorian told Politico.


As Breitbart News chronicled, President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is set to oversee the largest flow of illegal immigration into the U.S. since the Bush administration — for whom she previously worked. In 2019, illegal immigration is set to outpace every year of illegal immigration of the Obama administration.

Republican voters overwhelmingly want deportation of illegal aliens a top priority, Pew Research Center finds. About 65 percent of GOP voters said the highest priority of the Republican Party should be ending illegal immigration and reducing the illegal alien population currently living in the U.S.

In 2017, the foreign-born population reached a record high of 44.5 million. The U.S. is on track to import about 15 million new foreign-born voters in the next two decades should current legal immigration levels continue. Those 15 million new foreign-born voters include about eight million who will arrive in the country through chain migration, where newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the country.

8 Responses to “Over 1M Illegal Aliens Expected to Arrive in U.S.: ‘Merkel-Style Disaster’”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Independent Media = just “talk.” No different than CNN MSNBC FOX etc., except in side taken on each talking point dished out by Broadcast Board Of Governors who get THEIR orders from Satanists !!!

    Not a single thing will be different about AmeriKas dark NEAR future because of ANY I M outlet. None of them are using their gift / right of freedom of speech to present and discuss solutions. Pure narration. Zero solutions. Satanists laughing daily … but attack here and there to make I M THINK deep state is worried about them. Blood was shed to have the 1st amendment. The 2nd amendment was to protect the 1st amendment. ALL I M platforms trading their inheritance for a bowl of soup. Cowards. Imprisoned in their own minds by some garbage coming out of picture tubes with audio. That’s all it took to get them to wet on themselves. Quick … someone get them some paper towels, and tell them where a safe space is in case some loser calls them a racist.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    This is coming to AmeriKa too, but the I M will just “narrate” every part of it as it rolls out. They’ll take the side against it … but just “talk,” as usual. Never so much as a peep about ANY solution.


  3. Robert Edward Lee

    Here’s a video for I M –


  4. Strayhorse

    The evil, evil demoKKKrats are encouraging, promoting and funding the wholesale slaughter and genocide of millions of American citizens through abortions while at the same time encouraging, promoting and funding anchor babies and asylum of illegal immigrants to build the future demoKKKratic voting base. America is at war with terrorists, insurgents and enemy combatants under the guise of immigrants. A state of national emergency exists and immigration MUST BE SUSPENDED; ALL immigration.

  5. Robert Edward Lee

    Stray … to save AmeriKa as a whole would take over 20 things that “I” know of. Since I don’t know everything we can be sure it’s more than 20 things, but … let me tell you the TOP 7 :

    1. Huge walls on both borders – entire borders.
    2. Deport at least 30 million 3rd world darkies starting with Muslims.
    3. Import at least 1/2 that # of WHITE CHRISTIANS from England, France, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and South Africa.
    4. Arrest all CEO’s and accomplices of search engines and social media under RICO for collusion to violate our civil rights and treason / subversion, etc.
    5. Stop chem trailing, 5 g, gmo, fluoride, vaccines, asset forfeiture, ( of average law abiding citizens who’ve done nothing but “have cash on them !” )
    6. Close almost every base outside of US and bring troops home.
    7. Stop taxing wages from jobs or 1099’s.

    Now … what do you think the odds are these mere 7 can pass within one 4 year administration ? How about in 10 administrations ? That’s right. Zero chance.

    Therefore America MUST be restructured into some new Republics. Ours being … well, you know 🙂

    Meanwhile, I M REALLY doesn’t make a difference or change a thing, because they waste their 1st amendment “narrating” not presenting and discussing SOLUTIONS.

  6. Hey Robert!

    Why don’t YOU write an article!

    If its good I’ll publish it!

    Do you have a valid e-mail?

    Mine is radiodude419@hotmail.com


  7. laura ann

    And Trump won’t do anything to stop all this. I don’t see him getting back in office.

  8. Robert Edward Lee

    I’m working on something bigger than an article … and these rants aren’t aimed at you Paul. It’s aimed at those with TV / Radio like platforms that waste their time trying to emulate Fox instead of EVER interviewing anyone with a solution, or themselves presenting any solutions. See … no matter HOW HOW HOW bad the news gets, ( meaning what (((they))) are doing “to” us, ) all the I M platforms will merely “narrate” our destruction. If you present a solution to them, they attack you !!!!!!! 🙂 I’ve given up on them a long time ago, but I still bitch now and then because I comb headlines daily and seeing the same PC pansyism despite our country being invaded, causes despair. My calling is to create the perfect plan, present and market it. Everyone has their calling. Even I M news guys. Giving us intel is their calling. But to avoid any discussion of the obvious attempt to replace us and what the best ideas are to save America is un newsman like.


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