NZ Terrorist Used ISIS Tactics to Push Agenda of Hate and Divide, and People Are Buying Into It

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
By Paul Martin

The terrorist animal who murdered 50 people in New Zealand last week correctly predicted the response to his rampage as the divide is growing faster than ever.

By Matt Agorist
March 19, 2019

“Liberty provokes diversity, and diversity preserves liberty.”
—John Dalberg-Acton

In the above quote, Acton warns that those who seek to eliminate diversity are a direct threat to liberty. The existence of national and religious minorities is a crucial factor in dividing state power, resisting centralization, and preventing absolute authority. Sadly, however, it appears that there are many forces attempting to subvert this tendency to resist absolute power and those too weak to resist it, are buying in, hook, line, and sinker.

A disgusting terrorist animal (whose name will not be mentioned) donned his camera and his rifle last weekend—along with an arsenal of sh*tpost memes—and took to live-streaming the murder of 50 innocent men women and children. His motivation for this horror was based solely on his victims’ religious preference.

The terrorist bragged about wanting to kill Muslims on multiple online forums and last week, this bragging turned into action as he slaughtered innocent people. On one forum in particular, 8chan, this terrorist posted the link to his live stream, along with a link to his manifesto, and told thousands of followers what was about to happen.

Instead of immediately chastising this hate-inspired act of terror and calling for him to stop, hundreds of people on the forum espoused their support as they watched his rampage—up to and including leaving comments praising him for individual kills, some of whom were children.

What this support highlights is that there is a growing sentiment in this country and around the world that fosters hatred over religious views. Because of certain acts carried out by those who claim to be members of one religion, all members of this religion are deemed a threat, and therefore their lives rendered expendable, according to this philosophy.

But those who wish to exterminate Islam are ignorant of why Islamic extremism is so prevalent in the first place.

For decades, the US and its Western allies have been violently and frequently meddling in the Middle East. Beginning with the clandestine overthrow of democratically elected leaders, moving on to financing violent extremist groups, and morphing into full blown invasions of entire countries, the Middle East has been the target of destruction since at least 1953.

Ignoring all of the treachery, corruption, and death exported from the US in the last 70 years, the troglodytes in D.C. continue to assert that ‘the terrorists hate our freedom.’ Sadly, the propaganda being shoved down the throats of Americans by these ill-informed political puppets and their parrots in the media, preserves this idiotic assertion.

Millions have died in the West’s relentless pursuit of nation building and controlling oil, all of it is written off as “collateral damage,” and the complicit politicians march on.

The West is constantly perpetuating the dangerous lie that a massive ‘terrorist threat’ will always and has always existed, and poses a constant threat to you because they disagree with your lifestyle—completely ignoring the last 70 years of death and destruction doled out by their predecessors.

Thanks to the sycophants who worship the military industrial complex, their decades of meddling and funding strategic terrorist organizations who supported their temporary interests have manifested into an actual threat.

Do you think that the children of those slain by a decade of bombing and constant threats of drone strikes will simply forget about the atrocities inflicted upon them? Do you think that the parents who watched their babies blown apart by predator drones, or the hospital workers who watched as US bombs rained down from the sky — will just turn the other cheek?

The reality is that since 9/11, the US and their NATO allies have fostered a breeding ground for extremist and fundamentalist groups. As Americans sat back on their couches and watched the “Shock and Awe” on CNN, the US was sowing the seeds for perpetual war and pouring gas on the fire that is religious extremism.

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