Fifteenth century ritualistic sacrifice of 140 children resembles modern-day infanticide at New York abortion clinics

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Anthropologists in the South American country of Peru recently stumbled upon the horrifying remains of what the media is now describing as the world’s largest mass sacrifice site.

Experts in the field apparently unearthed shocking evidence of mass graves where tribal cultures of old discarded the bodies of their sacrificial animals and children, whose hearts they grotesquely ripped out of these innocent beings’ bodies as a gesture of “appeasement” to the “gods” of this superstitious people group’s now-defunct religion.

According to the circulating narrative, the purpose of these ancient animal and human sacrifice events was to persuade the “gods” to put an end to extreme weather events like El Niño that were occurring at the time – the belief being that, if a steady supply of blood is sent to the gods as payment, then bad weather would cease.

It’s the type of mythical folklore that modern-day people would scoff at as just another textbook example of primitive barbarianism in action – something that’s long since been abandoned as a result of human enlightenment and “progress.” But has this type of violent human sacrifice as a conciliatory act of recompense to supposedly divine beings actually and truly ceased? Hardly.

Abortion, infanticide are just modern-day human sacrifice to appease the “gods” of unwanted pregnancy, overpopulation, climate change, and “reproductive rights”

You see, even though people today generally aren’t setting up public altars where they rip out the hearts of society’s most vulnerable members in front of occult statues or other religious relics, they essentially perform the exact same acts of religious worship, in partial disguise, every time they visit Planned Parenthood “temples” to undergo ritual human sacrifice through abortion or infanticide.

If you really stop to think about it, the idea of murdering one’s own child as a “solution” to an unwanted pregnancy, for instance, or simply to express one’s “reproductive rights” as a woman, is really no different than murdering that same child before a giant pyramid as a “solution” to bad weather.

In fact, many abortion advocates now claim that the only way to mitigate “overpopulation,” which they say is causing widespread global warming and climate change, is to murder children through abortion or infanticide.

In order to solve the world’s problems, in other words, Leftists want to ritually sacrifice as many innocent children as possible to the modern-day god of climate change – just like the ancient Peruvians sacrificed their children to the ancient god of climate change.

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