Humboldt County is the Home of the Chinese-Deep State-Sinoloa Takeover of Illegal Border Activities

Wednesday, March 13, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
March 13th, 2019

How could we have missed connecting the dots?

One might wonder if there is any proof to back up my suspicions that American children were being killed and their organs were being trafficked back to countries such as Israel and China? And the people responsible are the drug cartels and Chinese nationals with the assistance of high ranking politicians, the Obama administration (eg Eric Holder) and the Deep State.

Through the good work of Marilyn Rupar, we are beginning to connect the dots between the government, the deep state and various criminal elements and some very horrific crimes happening in America and the emerging facts are shocking.

Marilyn Rupar used to be a resident of Humboldt County, CA. in the 1980’s. After Paul Preston and I had mentioned Humboldt’s dubious reputation during a recent interview, she provided some incredible information. I recently interviewed Marilyn and the interview will air this Sunday evening on the Global Star Radio Network, our home base. It will also be posted to our Megaphone platform which houses our podcasts and of course we will give Youtube the first crack at censorship.

This is the first of a multi-part series which has the purpose of fully revealing the following:

!.So Marilyn and myself don’t become a Breitbart and Hastings statistic, we are going horizontal and vertical with our information. We are releasing it to key and not so key people to make the bad guys realize that violence will repress the truth in this instance.
2.We are going to expose a level of underground criminality which has no limits and reaches directly and deeply into our government and the criminal underworld. Yes, I am saying the two entities mentioned in the previous paragraph are linked in both purpose and activity.
3.I am going to expose how long these unholy alliances have existed to where anyone who would have been looking could have connected the dots. Therefore, we are going to take a trip down memory lane all the way back to 2011.

Humboldt County

The Rest…HERE

2 Responses to “Humboldt County is the Home of the Chinese-Deep State-Sinoloa Takeover of Illegal Border Activities”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Mmmm. Good intel. Now, a note from The Robert E. Lee School Of Journalism.

    This is a prime example of a story THAT YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THROUGH ON. Don’t skip to another and another and another story … inundating us with info and we forget about this. WHAT IS “NEWS” CLASS ? YES, THAT’S RIGHT, IT’S INFORMATION THAT’S VERY IMPORTANT TO US THAT WE MAY EVEN NEED TO TAKE ACTION ON, OR AVOID SOMETHING / SOMEWHERE BECAUSE OF.

    We need NON STOP COVERAGE OF the most critical intel. Chem trails, 3rd world invasion, social media / search engine CEO’s being arrested under RICO for violating our civil rights, asset forfeiture and the cops taking innocents $$$ being arrested, government collusion and sex / organ trafficking ( like this story, ) and now the new gene edited food ( cooking oil, ) in restaurants. These are examples of what you should cover 24/365.

    I should charge you for this !

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Here’s NEWS :

    Jones doesn’t dare mention even a peep about the only solution :


    Until all you IM outlets understand this, you’re wasting your 1st amendment tool to save America.


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