Transgender Madness

Thursday, March 7, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Sally Zelikovsky
March 7, 2019

Has anyone rationally analyzed the direction we are heading along the gender fluid turnpike? If we don’t set some guidelines soon, we’ll be cruising headlong into a nasty multi-car pile up. It might already be too late.

To wit, Josh Rogin’s October 2018 article in the Washington Post “Giselle Donnelly can Finally be Herself” came and went with barely a whimper in the conservative world, even though it recounts the transition of AEI’s national security expert Thomas Donnelly to transwoman Giselle Donnelly.

Formerly a married man who fathered two children, this conservative scholar led a clandestine life as a woman-wannabee. After his divorce and five years of gender probing, Donnelly found his peace sharing “national security, wine, gender fluidity, and BDSM” with his new wife, Elizabeth Taylor, a former naval nuclear instructor turned trans beauty consultant.

A few years ago this would have been fodder for a skit on SNL. Today, it’s serious stuff.

Rogin seems downright giddy about the transition and rebukes conservatives writ large, except for AEI chieftains Arthur Brooks and Danielle Pletka, who supported Donnelly and seamlessly facilitated changes to the site as if nothing monumental happened: his picture was quietly replaced with hers; we were expected to accept this as so normal that only one line at the website gave it away: “Thomas Donnelly transitioned in October 2018. Please go to Giselle Donnelly’s current bio page for more recent work.” While articles are still attributed to Thomas Donnelly, only Giselle is listed as a scholar. His bio is now hers and now states: “Formerly Thomas Donnelly, Giselle Donnelly’s previous work can be found here.” In time, evidence that Thomas Donnelly walked this Earth (except for his children), will go down the Memory Hole and be wiped from history.

I understand there is a human being here who has been in emotional pain and decided this is how to fix it. While this might have been an exciting journey of gender exploration for Donnelly, Rogin indicates it has been a struggle for his family. Giselle can tell her children that Dad in a dress and wig is the same rock-guitar-playing-conservative-national-security-expert he was in a suit, but my guess is even grown children see clearly that the emperor is stark-raving naked.

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