Vaccine debate makes more people question safety and effectiveness – so the industry has SHUT DOWN all discussion

Monday, February 25, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: S.D. Wells
Monday, February 25, 2019

In a certain province in China, more than 99 percent of all the children have been vaccinated against measles with the MMR vaccine, but the disease still runs rampant. Do not speak of this case study in America, especially if you work in the fake news “MSM” media or are employed at the highly corrupt CDC, or you will be fired. Do not post this article on social media or YouTube either, or you will be banned, blacklisted and demonetized.

The theory of vaccines is legitimate, but today’s vaccines contain so many neurotoxins, genetically modified bacteria, heavy metals, foreign animal proteins, live combinations of deadly viruses, and severe allergens, that anybody in their right mind wants legitimate answers to valid questions, but won’t get any.

That’s why medical doctors and the entire pro-vaccine community shuts down all discussions of vaccines, and no longer tries to push the propaganda in the news – because the more they talk about it, the less people believe in modern vaccines and the less patients accept the dogma. The vaccine skeptics are winning the war, just by simply discussing the repercussions of getting vaccines. The bottom line is you’re safer getting the diseases than getting the vaccines, and it’s been that way for the past few decades. Read the facts.

Measles vaccine does NOT WORK as advertised

The more the media advertises and propagates measles outbreaks, the more the public figures out that the outbreaks occur in fully vaccinated populations. The media and CDC are quick to flip the blame and say those children’s vaccine “immunity” wore off, and they just needed more frequent boosters, but that’s just one more lie piled on top of a whole pack of lies.

Scientists describe vaccine immunity as “plastic immunity” because while one line of your immune system, antibodies, are built up, your main system, cellular immunity, goes to sleep. The trade off is scary and dangerous.

Chinese and American research, studies, and data prove without a shadow of a doubt that disease outbreaks are more common among vaccinated children. Getting a case of the wild measles provides lifetime immunity. Give a child some key supplements, like vitamins A, C, and D, and their immune system is plenty strong to deal with measles and chicken pox. Informed parents are happy when their kids get measles or chicken pox, because children rarely suffer complications.

Some parents will literally take their children to someone’s house to play with children who have measles or chicken pox to go ahead and get it over with. This makes sense. To consider vaccines for these infectious diseases means rolling the dice with lifelong asthma, eczema, extreme allergies to vaccine ingredients (peanuts, eggs, dairy, MSG, latex), and yes, autism.

The autism epidemic has exploded with the CDC’s vaccine regimen of 50-plus jabs before age 7. “Herd immunity” has been exposed as a failure and a hoax. In fact, the vaccinated kids are the ones spreading the diseases to their friends and schoolmates during the two weeks after they’re inoculated – it’s called shedding. We’re witnessing an entire generation of vaccine-abused children who have zero cellular immunity and who spread disease. This is the discussion the media, and CDC, do NOT want anyone engaged in.

New generation of vaccine-abused children experiencing deranged immune systems for life

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