Formula for INSANITY: Believe in hate crime hoaxes, take prescription medications, eat GMOs, drink tap water, get your flu shot, watch CNN, and read the NYT and WashPo

Sunday, February 24, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: S.D. Wells
Sunday, February 24, 2019

Isn’t it quite ironic that there is not one single photo or video clip of President Donald J. Trump being a racist, when 50 million Americans have been brainwashed by the media to believe that he is one? In fact, before he ran for POTUS, there was never any mention of it ever, because he’s quite the opposite – a fair, just, and considerate human being. It’s all been a media hoax that’s been scripted, staged, and perpetuated with propaganda, just like the Jussie Smollett lynching hoax. Can you see it now?

There is a formula for insanity in America, and it’s mixed carefully and methodically, then “prescribed” to the masses. Nothing else would explain why tens of millions of Americans would literally murder a Trump fan in cold blood if they knew they could get away with it, right now. Any sane, responsible person who’s not doped up and dosed up on chemicals and propaganda would not have so much rage built up inside them over a couple years of political rip-rap.

There were plenty of Americans who figured out that Obama was a traitor who sought the destruction of the Republic, yet still, we weren’t all going around mauling Obama fans to vent our frustrations, or staging hate crimes for attention and to fuel dissonance and division in our country. The Left is wrought with triggered freaks acting like neanderthals with their smart phones. Oh, the irony of it all.

The formula for insanity boils down to a combination of toxic food, toxic medicine, and toxic news

It all boils down to a combination of toxic food, toxic medicine, and toxic news, that’s all repeatedly “consumed” for months, and even years on end. To date, not one single Trump supporter has outright started a riot, murdered anyone for not supporting Trump, or staged a hate crime to make it look like they were attacked by the Left. Not one.

Yet we see hundreds of hate crimes coming from the Left. We see real ones from Black Lives Matter and Antifa, all funded by you-know-who (Nazi-Sympathizing Billionaire George Soros). We see fake hate crimes planned, funded, staged, and then blasted across mass media (MSM) and all of social media like a Blitzkrieg, with no proof they’re real, from the Covington Catholic School “MAGA” teens to the latest with Jussie “Black on Black” Smollett.

And why do 50 million Americans believe all these lies, propaganda, staged events, and funded domestic-terrorism propagated from the Left? Well, because the message is repeated a million times over, while all the Democrats are doped up on chemicals. It’s a simple formula for simple minds that watch the boob tube over their GMO dinner each night, and who all read the bloody newspapers, thinking all fake news is real. They know nothing of real news. It never reaches them. They wouldn’t believe it if it did.

Did you know heavy metal toxins impair cognitive ability? The high doses of mercury in the influenza vaccine aren’t there because it’s the only preservative the vaccine industry can use to keep bacteria out of the multi-use jabs. No. That “thimerosal” is in there to dumb down society so the sheeple will believe the mentally challenged fake news on CNN. Why do you think CNN is the only news on TV at every airport, bus station, and train terminal in the USA?

Did you know that most prescription medications don’t work at all? They are designed in laboratories to cause horrific side effects. That’s not some byproduct or rare happenstance after taking your medication “as directed.” Nope. Brain fog, dizziness, depression, anxiety, irritable bowels, drowsiness, headaches, and trouble sleeping are all part of the design. That’s what keeps the masses from engaging in any critical thinking that may have them challenge the shallow “official narrative” that’s plastered across all media. Get it?

It’s all about ignorant, emotional reactions to fake news on a daily basis – and it’s all controlled by the Tech Giants and the Deep State

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