Abandoning science in favor of coercion, FDA pharma mob bosses demand U.S. states eliminate vaccine exemptions… or else

Sunday, February 24, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Sunday, February 24, 2019

One of the most astonishing truths of our modern information age is that the vaccine truth movement is winning the information war, despite the incessant, coordinated censorship of nearly all online content that questions the supposed “safety” of vaccines.

The “vaccine deep state,” as I have called it, now finds itself in an all-out panic. The CDC and Big Pharma propagandists have been waging a desperate war to pressure the tech giants into censoring all information that questions the official vaccine narrative. Pinterest is in such a panic that they blocked all searches on vaccines, and Facebook has announced they’re going to start blocking all content that questions vaccine safety. YouTube also just initiated a massive site-wide demonetization of vaccine skeptics’ videos, while burying those videos in search results for good measure.

The desperation is clear: The vaccine industry absolutely cannot allow people to question the propaganda of the vaccine deep state, which depends on ignorance and lies to maintain its own existence. No scientific questions are allowed, since the vaccine industry isn’t based on science… it’s a dangerous dogma, and dogmas are not allowed to be questioned (or they might implode).

That’s why we all need to keep asking questions like:

1.What are the ingredients in vaccines? (Hint: They’re incredibly toxic and deliberately harmful to human neurology.)
2.Where is the science that proves the safety and efficacy of vaccines? (Hint: It doesn’t exist for most vaccines, and this admission is printed right on the vaccine insert sheets.)
3.Why are vaccine companies granted total legal immunity from faulty products and the damage they cause to children? (Hint: Because the vaccine industry is steeped in corruption and a total lack of quality control, having zero motivation to make their products meet even the most basic safety standards.)
4.Why are so many children made autistic within hours after being vaccinated? (Answer: Because the vaccines cause the autism, of course — a simple, biological fact the vaccine industry desperately hopes you never discover.)
5.Why are the tech giants running a coordinated mass censorship agenda targeting all content that questions vaccine safety, even when the U.S. government itself publishes quarterly statistics detailing the number of children who are harmed and killed by vaccines?

The vaccine industry won’t debate any of these questions. Instead, they silence all vaccine skeptics and mandate dangerous vaccine injections at gunpoint. Then they feign astonishment that people don’t believe their “science” …

The FDA says it may force nationwide vaccines of all children, essentially at gunpoint

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