The Border Wars Plot To Destabilize And Transform America

Tuesday, February 19, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Cliff Kincaid
Feb 19, 2019

The Center for a Secure Free Society held a news conference the other day about the roles of Russia, China, Venezuela, and other countries in flooding the U.S. with illegal aliens. Mario Duarte, Secretary of Strategic Intelligence for the Republic of Guatemala, spoke at the event, calling the caravans and their impact on U.S. border security the “weaponization” of refugees.

The term, “weaponization,” was also used by NATO’s top commander in Europe, Philip Breedlove, to describe what the Russians and Syrians were doing in the Middle East with the Islamic refugees there. Germany’s Angela Merkel welcomed them, destabilizing Europe. Here, President Trump campaigned for office on the basis of stopping this flow into the U.S. Objectively speaking, Merkel and not Trump has been serving Russian interests.

The popular reality TV show, “Border Wars,” on the National Geographic Channel, captures the determined efforts of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, ICE, DEA, the U.S. Coast Guard and local law enforcement to keep our nation safe. They fight terrorism and apprehend drug smugglers. The process of intercepting people entering the United States illegally is another mission they have. These illegal aliens have become a weapon of war, just like in the Middle East. A Border Wall would be another line of defense.

Venezuela, Russia, and Cuba

Participants in the SFS news conference said the evidence shows that Venezuela, propped up by Russian and Cuban forces, and Chinese loans, has been financing the caravans, as part of a plan to destabilize the United States. The security experts also said Russia practices strategic deception. That is, they focus our attention on one thing when they are busy causing trouble somewhere else. Indeed, the weaponization of the refugees of Latin America can be seen as an explanation of Russia-gate – the idea that Trump was a Russian agent. It was a masterstroke by the Russians. The disinformation has led to almost two years’ worth of investigations, by a special counsel and Congress, into Trump’s political, personal, and business dealings. As all of this was unfolding, the Russians were up to no good south of our border, as thousands of illegal aliens have flooded our country, some marching in caravans. It has been Trump, the alleged Russian agent, who has pushed back against the Russian plan.

Center for a Secure and Free Society (SFS) participants David Grantham, Director of Intelligence for the Tarrant County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office, and Joseph M. Humire, Executive Director of SFS, were reluctant to admit in interviews with this columnist that Russia-gate was a strategic deception operation. They did not want to admit what is now being reported openly by NBC News – that a two-year Senate intelligence committee investigation has uncovered no evidence of Trump conspiring with the Russians.

The Russia-gate investigations, including the one by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, have the earmarks of a Russian disinformation operation, carried forward by the Democratic Party, to divert the attention of our nation from what really matters – Russian meddling in Latin America. We know that Russia-gate was conceived in Russia, in the form of the fake Russian dossier on Trump, and was used by the losing political party in the 2016 presidential election as a means by which the Democrats intended to delegitimize Trump.

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