The Case for Gold In 2019 – The Economist

Monday, February 18, 2019
By Paul Martin

by GoldCore
Mon, 02/18/2019

The Case for Gold In 2019 – The Economist

When Trouble Strikes, Where Should You Hide?

The Grand Central Theory of Markets

The Economist

Imagine you have an assignation in New York.

You have not been told where you should meet the other person and she has not been told where to meet you. You have no understanding of where to find her or where she might usually be found. She is as ignorant of you.

You cannot communicate. You must somehow guess how to find each other and make those guesses coincide.

Where should you go? And at what time of day?

A good answer is Grand Central Station at noon. That was the response of the majority asked by Thomas Schelling, a game theorist and Nobel prize winner in economics, in experiments reported “The Strategy of Conflict,” published in 1960. People are often able to act tacitly in concert if they know that others are trying to do the same, said Schelling. Most situations throw up a clue, a “focal point,” around which to co-ordinate, even if it takes imagination as much as logic to find it.

Now imagine the world economy goes into a tailspin. There is panic selling of risky assets. Where should you seek safety?

Cash is the most liquid asset; but which kind? The dollar is a natural focal point. Yet America’s fiscal indiscipline and its sizeable current-account deficit might give pause. Other currencies have their faults too.

There is one other destination you might consider, if only because others are starting to think the same way.

And that is gold.

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