Kamala Harris Is the Deep State’s Present Choice for President of the United States

Saturday, February 9, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
February 9th, 2019

Kamala Harris has emerged as the liberal media’s darling in her quest for the office of President of the United States. What the public is generally unaware of is that Kamala is a servant of the Deep State, and steadfastly protects cartel activities. Believe it or not, she may actually be more immoral and more illegal than former President Obama. The MSM is gushing over Harris despite the fact that she only enjoys a single digit level of popularity among likely voters. But don’t worry, the MSM is creating her narrative in time for 2020. Let’s see if we can deconstruct the coming narrative before it gets started in this article. Her Deep State mission is to hand the country off to the globalists just as Hillary Clinton was intended to do before she ran up against Donald Trump.

Anti-Constitution and Anti-Gun

Kamala Harris is not a constitutionalist. She wants your gun. She wants to deny you the right to use your gun in self-defense. She would make a much better member of the UK Parliament then a US Senator. a strong supporter of gun control. In short, she does not believe you have the right to buy a gun, carry a gun, or even hunt with a gun. Just like in the UK, self defense is not allowed in her world of criminal justice.

Kamala is dripping with the same level of hypocrisy as Nancy Pelosi in her do as I say, not as I do approach to governance of the people. Of course, she has armed body guards. Maybe she feels threatened by Willie Brown’s wife (see below). The following illustrates her propensity to misuse public funds for personal gain, just like Obama.

NBC of LA reported the following:

Los Angeles taxpayers paid for airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals, and meals, according to detailed expense reports obtained by NBC News. Armed, plain-clothes LAPD officers were dispatched to California cities outside of Los Angeles at least a dozen times to provide security for U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris at public events, media appearances, and a party.

.A new police chief found out about the unprecedented freebie from the people of Los Angeles and put a stop to it. The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, says he never heard of it and laid the blame squarely on recently retired LAPD chief Charlie Beck. One thing is certain: it’s never been done before. But this being Harris, it’s not surprising it happened.”

Harris was provided these taxpayer services by LA government even when she was not in LA.

Kamala’s Ultimate Weapon

Kamala Harris may not want you to own a weapon, but she has developed an impressive weapon of her own. Like many women in the Deep State controlled Democratic Party, she learned how to sleep her way to the top.

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