HYPOCRITE Hillary Clinton condemns VA governor Ralph “Coon-Man” Northam for racism and infanticide, but she supports Planned Parenthood, KKK, and wore “BlackFace” herself

Tuesday, February 5, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: S.D. Wells
Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Burn the scarecrow. All the POTUS-wanna-be Democrats are out in full force condemning Virginia Governor Ralph Northam for being a racist KKK supporter who should immediately step down from his pedestal in the name of racial equality. Although Northam is on the team of current Democrat-Socialist-Communist politicians that want to take over the United States and dismantle the Constitution while wiping out the entire middle class, the front-runners must make an example of this “traitor” while they have the chance. It’s called burning the scarecrow, only this time, the scarecrow is one of their own (but it doesn’t matter to them).

Most of the heavy-hitters who came out to “burn” SCOTUS Bret Kavanaugh and ruin his career, family, and life, are seemingly immensely offended by Northam’s medical college yearbook picture, where he stands with a friend, both dressed up in the most offensive costumes imaginable. First, Northam admitted being in the photo (either in the BlackFace costume or in the KKK hood and robe) but then, after speaking with his advisers, recanted the whole thing, including his apology (and mass media immediately deleted all of his admissions), saying he wasn’t even in the photo. Sorry, it’s too late for you now racist Ralph. Hey, and let’s all NOT forget that it was Northam who won his Governorship by telling everyone it was his opponent Gillespie who was the racist, when it was really actually Coon-Man himself!

The proverbial “cross” has been burned in the political “church yard,” and Northam is getting crucified on it. He’s finished in politics. Washed up. Done. He’s a racist freak, and all his psychopath cohorts want his “head on a stick” for getting caught.

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